The first tests of the American versions of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max indicate that Intel LTE modems are used in all versions of the devices. Direct references indicating the presence of an Intel modem could not be found in the user interface. The conclusion about their availability was made on the basis that the Intel and Qualcomm modems over the past years have different menus in the settings.

All new iPhone equipped with Intel modems

The fact that Intel’s modems are used in the new iPhone for the North American market is not surprising. However, what modems are used in Apple smartphones, supplied to the markets of other countries, is not yet known. It is possible that outside the US iPhone with Qualcomm modems will be sold.

The study does not allow us to understand which model of the LTE modem is used in new Apple devices. Presumably, this is an Intel XMM 7660, as the modem description provided by Apple is consistent with Intel’s official specifications. Recall, the XMM 7660 device was the last Intel 4G modem, created before the cessation of development in this direction.

The source believes that the performance of LTE modems in the new iPhone will be 20% higher compared to last year’s models. The iPhone 11 will probably run a little slower compared to older versions, since it supports 2 × 2 MIMO mode, while the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices received 4 × 4 MIMO support. How significant will be the difference in the speed of modems in the new iPhone, further testing will show.

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