American satellite on the verge of collision with Soviet due to debris in orbit

According to some reports, now in orbit there are more than 7 thousand tons of garbage. This garbage is obsolete satellites and other spacecraft. Genesis-2, for example, is an inflatable module that was designed to test commercial station technology. The developer of the Bigelow Aerospace company, which in turn was notified by the US military, reported the risk of an accident with his participation.

Genesis-2 was launched into orbit in 2007 when folded. Then it was filled with air. The module worked for two and a half years. The Soviet satellite Cosmos-1300 was launched in 1981. This is the Tselina-D electronic reconnaissance apparatus.

According to the military, the probability of collision is almost 6%. Bigelow Aerospace believes this threat once again reminds us of how littered the low Earth orbit has become.

At the time of publication of the news, information about the collision was not found.

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