Buyers Black Shark 2 Pro will receive a gamepad as a gift

Black Shark, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, is getting ready next week to introduce the gaming Black Shark 2 Pro – in Europe. The smartphone will officially go on sale on October 9 (July presentation in China). To further interest the upcoming event, Xiaomi decided to add an interesting gift to the smartphone.

Successful promotion

Judging by the information from the official website of the company, in addition to the free gamepad, Black Shark will also offer to get a 50% discount on any gaming accessories for a smartphone. So the new leader on the Antutu list, with the Snapdragon 855 Plus, will be a welcome enough acquisition for many.

Buyers Black Shark 2 Pro will receive a gamepad as a gift

The gamepad itself is special because it turns the Black Shark 2 Pro into a full-fledged console with control buttons, a joystick, touchpad, triggers and L / R buttons. Gamepad 2.0 is tuned to “work” with some of the most popular games created for the Android operating system, including well-known shooter PUBG

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