Call of Duty Mobile with multiplayer for 100 people is free for smartphones

Every year, smartphones and tablets are becoming more advanced in all respects, receiving more productive technical equipment and better software. All this power needs to be used somehow, and that is why some game studios create games with photorealistic graphics, especially if you look at the picture on phones, where various flaws, such as lack of smoothing, are almost invisible to the human eye. Today, October 1, 2019, a game such as Call of Duty Mobile has become available to users of mobile devices on Android and iOS. It even contains a royal battle mode.

Call of Duty Mobile with multiplayer for 100 people is free for smartphones

The essence of the game Call of Duty Mobile boils down to the fact that one team of players fights another, using various types of weapons. You can control the entire game process both with the help of touch control on the phone, and with a gamepad connected to the device on iOS or Android. There is even a royal battle in the new video games, in which one hundred players take part in one battle. When using this mode, the size of the huge map is rapidly reduced, thereby pushing the players to the very center, due to which the situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, as you have to change your position again and again and use various weapons that you can find.

There are also four more modes, including “Battle against zombies”, “Each for himself”, “Sniper duel” and “Fast team battle 5 to 5”. From armament, players are offered an arsenal of console parts CoD Black Ops and Modern Warfare. According to the developers, in Call of Duty Mobile mobile video games, gamers can count on the highest quality graphics, as well as support for both voice and text chat, so that all players can communicate with each other. For each battle, game experience is awarded, and this unlocks access to characters, classes, weapons, clothing, an emblem, and much more. The new game is available for free download worldwide.

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