Google engineers talked about the fate of the smart watch Pixel Watch

Google has already revealed the date of the presentation of the new Pixel smartphones, but for the second year in a row did not mention another expected gadget of the line – the Pixel Watch smartwatch. Business Insider managed to shed light on the fate of the gadget – in interviews with former employees of the company, journalists learned why the development of a promising device was delayed and when to expect its appearance on the market.

According to Business Insider, citing a statement by former employees of the company, Google was really preparing to introduce smart watches in 2016. But shortly before the expected announcement, the development was canceled – the engineers failed to debug the process of synchronizing the gadget with smartphones. According to one of the developers, the device "did not look like it belonged to the Pixel family." Later, the experimental novelty debuted in two configurations under the names LG Watch Sport, and LG Watch Style in 2017.

Both devices received a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor and Google Wear 2.0 operating system, but did not get enough popularity in the market to compete with the Apple Watch and Samsung smart watches based on Tizen OS. Last year, Google denied rumors about the release of the Pixel Watch, and, according to the source, the new product will not be presented on October 15, 2019, along with a new line of smartphones.

Google engineers talked about the fate of the smart watch Pixel Watch

Nevertheless, the purchase by Fossil, the watch manufacturer on Wear OS, and recent leaks about the development of a new device supposedly indicate the appearance of the Pixel Watch in the near future. According to rumors, the gadget, code-named Diana, will combine digital and analog technologies. The approximate release date, specifications and price of the future news are unknown.

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