How To Delete Instagram Account

Hello to all! Today we’ll talk about deleting an account on Instagram, currently the most popular photo processing service, as well as publishing it. Instagram tools and filters allow you to make good photos of medium quality photos, and medium ones of bad ones.

You can make photo collages and actively communicate with other photography enthusiasts, making acquaintances by interests, being inspired and gaining approval of your work by other users. Nevertheless, the question of removal from the site for some reason confronts users. What is the reason?

If everything is so good, then why leave Instagram?

But why. Some time ago Instagram was an innocent social network for users iPhone, where they shared their photos. But when a version for Android and the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, other times have come.

Marketers and PR people do not give a quiet life to users, striving to lure those into some new campaign and actively filling up with advertising. Another significant minus: the administration of the photo-social network reserves the right to use images, including commercial, and this does not go into any gates.

People who do not want annoying advertising and the ability to use and view personal photos by outsiders are thinking about how to delete their page.

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The good news: in order to do this, you only need login and password to enter the Instagram account. Ready? Go.

The first method for deleting a profile on Instagram from a computer

  • open a website through a browser ;
  • press the button "To come in»On the right side of the page;
  • enter username and password;
  • in your account, open the "Profile Editing";
  • you will be prompted to change your personal data and the link “Temporarily block my account” on the bottom right of the page, yes there used to be a deletion option, but now only blocking;
  • How To Delete Instagram Account
  • follow the link, you will be asked to choose the reason why you are blocking the profile – you can choose from existing ones or add your own, a great opportunity to express what annoys you, by the way;
  • enter the password, confirming the deactivation of the account;
  • click the "Temporarily block your account" button. Congratulations, you have temporarily severed your relationship with Instagram.

The second method, where you need to follow the direct link to the deactivation page

  • go from the browser to ;
  • fill in your password and login, you will be redirected to a page asking why you decided to leave;
  • Choose a reason that you like – this is not so important and is only necessary for statistics;
  • permanently delete your page.

How to delete the Instagram page directly through the application from the phone or tablet?

Answer: No way. An attempt to delete a page directly from the phone will not work, the application does not have such a function. If you "tear down" the application itself, it will not affect the existence of your account in any way – as it was, it will remain so.

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You have to go to the official site through a browser (better from a computer, it’s more convenient from it), and use one of the two previous methods. Use the browser and the site from the phone, not the application!

Notes about deleting your Instagram profile

  1. Now there is an opportunity to disconnect and then renew your account, such as, for example, Vkontakte, it’s real, Instagram has implemented such an opportunity;
  2. There are no ways to restore a page after a complete deletion (second method) in the application. If you already managed to leave and now want to return to Instagram, you will have to start all over again. You cannot use the same mail and name that you had before, get ready to come up with new ones;
  3. Everything that was in your account (video, photo, etc.) is deleted from the service along with your page, so take care to save your dear work in advance! You can upload them to other photo sharing services or save to yourself.

If you suddenly got nostalgia, and you thought about whether you want to break off relations with Instagram at all, there is an option to delete all your photos from the photo service, and leave the page itself. It is possible that someday it will come in handy for you, and with deleted photos you will not be bothered by the fact that your photos “lie” in front of everyone or someone else can use them.

To delete a photo, you need to perform the following few steps:

  • open photo;
  • press the "Menu" button below it (it looks like three dots);
  • select the “Delete” action and repeat the procedure with the rest of the photos.
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Now you know what to do if you want to block or delete your Instagram account. Regardless of whether you “erase” it completely or just remove your photos and other materials from the public domain, remember – social networks exist for you, not you for social networks. Do as you personally feel comfortable.