How To Remove Applications On Samsung Galaxy

How to remove applications on Samsung Galaxy.. Do you want to remove unnecessary applications, games on Samsung Galaxy and don’t know how to do it? In this article you will learn how to remove or stop installed and native applications on android.

Not all Samsung Galaxy applications can be removed from the smartphone, some native applications and games cannot be deleted, but you can stop them.

Now let’s see how to remove unnecessary apps from samsung galaxy and similar androids.
Open Settings on the smartphone and select the Application item, perhaps instead of the application item, the Application Manager item will be immediately
Next, a list with applications opens, you can choose by moving the screen to the side of the items: downloaded, on the memory card, working and all applications
To remove the application, select it and you will see what can be done with the application.
Select Uninstall or Stop the application.
If you do not want to delete applications, but do not want it to work on the Samsung Galaxy Android, just turn it off.
To enable a disabled application, open it on the application screen.

What is the function for? stop application on Samsung Galaxy and other android devices?
As we wrote above, not all applications can be removed from the smartphone, basically these are native applications that cannot be deleted. There are such users who uninstall native applications and games to free the memory of the smartphone, but for this you need to hack Samsung Galaxy and then the smartphone warranty is lost. Of course, we will write an article on this subject in the future, and it may be useful to someone.

How To Remove Applications On Samsung Galaxy

For now, let’s continue to answer the question. why stop apps on android. Since not all applications we can delete from Samsung Galaxy can be deleted, we can stop them so that it does not load the processor, does not drain the battery and does not use the Internet. Since there are applications that can run independently and use the resources of the smartphone and which you do not use it is better to stop, in the future you can launch them simply by opening it on the screen with applications. No need to stop all applications in a row, as they can perform the necessary tasks for the proper operation of the smartphone. Mostly stop social applications. networks, video calls and similar installed factory applications.

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