Knows how to speak Sony PlayStation 5 shocked everyone

Video games are becoming more and more popular every year around the world, that is, an ever wider circle of people prefers to spend their free time playing such games. It goes without saying that to play games you need an electronic device that allows you to do this. Even though it is possible to play on smartphones, tablets and computers, there is a special separate class of gadgets designed specifically for these purposes. One of these in the near future will be the Sony PlayStation 5 game console, before which there is not much time left, because it will be presented and released to the market in the second half of 2020. Today, September 30, the network got information about how it can please everyone.

As it turned out, this prefix literally knows how to speak, because it has a full-fledged voice assistant called PlayStation Assistant. This, apparently, has already been created, because Sony has patented it. Unlike many other virtual assistants, this one will help during the game. For example, a gamer will be able in his native language to ask to get directions to any settlement in the game, show a map with certain objects, and also perform other actions. For this AI to work, you will need an Internet connection, and it will work in approximately ten languages, and over time they will become more and more.

Knows how to speak Sony PlayStation 5 shocked everyone

Of course, in order to use the capabilities of such a virtual assistant in the Sony PlayStation 5 console, game developers will have to add its support to their video games, but whether they will take such a step is a big question. The main thing to understand is that AI will increase the convenience of the game, but at the same time, all those actions that it can perform can also be carried out independently. Tips during the game can be given, as follows from the patent, both in the form of text, and in other, that is, audio and video. The neural network introduced in the PlayStation Assistant will allow it to constantly evolve, more accurately taking into account the wishes of users and the intonation with which they voice various teams.

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Knows how to speak Sony PlayStation 5 shocked everyone

Voice recognition will be carried out through microphones built into the DualShock 5 gamepad, and there will be at least two of them. It will also be possible to control the Sony PlayStation 5 with a voice, and the console will even be able to answer such simple questions as the weather in a certain city, the time it takes to go to work and many others. Thus, there is no doubt that the future PS5 novelty is guaranteed to surprise all customers, since hardly anyone expects such opportunities in it. It remains to believe that the innovation will be available right from the start of sales of the new game console, and not some time after it enters the market.

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