Last week, rumors about the intentions of Cisco chief marketer Karen Walker (Karen Walker) to move to a similar position in Intel, and only this week this information received official confirmation. Karen worked at Cisco as the head of the marketing department since 2015, and during this time she managed to carry out major transformations, which positively affected the business of the telecommunications giant. Now it’s time to take on Intel, as Karen Walker has received in this corporation the post of senior vice president and head of marketing. In the new role, she will begin working on October 23 this year.

Raise Intel Marketing Entrusted With Cisco

Image Source: Intel

According to Tom’s Hardware, a recent promotion of Gregory Bryant to Intel’s executive vice president could have affected the fate of two other veterans of the company. After a quarter of a century of active work for Intel’s benefit, the team of vice presidents leaves Praveen Vishakantaiah and Imad Sousou. The first in recent years oversaw the development of client products and platforms, the second supervised the development of system software. The reason for these resignations is not advertised, but it cannot be ruled out that, in the face of a competitive threat, Intel’s top management decided on personnel cleanings.

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