The South Korean company Samsung has delayed several times launching the first smartphone with a flexible display Galaxy Fold, trying to eliminate all the shortcomings that were in the design of the device. The upgraded flagship looks more reliable, but it seems that the manufacturer still wants customers to take special care with the Galaxy Fold in the event of a purchase. A small video was published on the Internet that reveals the design features of the device, and also talks about what should not be done when working with it.

Samsung asks users to handle Galaxy Fold carefully

The video begins with a reminder that the device’s display is protected and does not need additional film. Recall, one of the reasons for the failure of the first Galaxy Fold models was that users removed the protective film from the screen. Despite the protective layer, the manufacturer recommends that customers “use light touches.”

Further, the video reports that the design of the smartphone uses a swivel mechanism, so moisture and dust should be avoided. Samsung developers finalized the design of the hinge mechanism by adding plugs in the upper and lower parts of the hinges. The original design did not properly protect the mechanism, dust particles quickly got into it, which led to jamming of the mechanism.

The video also says that magnets are used in the design of the device, so you should not keep your smartphone with keys or coins that could damage it. In addition, the device is not recommended to be stored with credit or debit cards, and if you are using any implantable medical device, you should consult your doctor before purchasing Galaxy Fold.

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