Statistics US residents are sure that electric cars are refueled with gasoline

Almost all car manufacturers have either submitted electric cars or are developing green vehicles. But as it turned out, not all Americans understand the difference between an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. An actual survey showed that with technology a fair share of the US population is doing poorly.

The study was conducted by Ford. According to the survey, about 42% of Americans are convinced that cars with electric power plants need to be refueled with gasoline. The reason for this strange judgment was how electric vehicle owners replenish the charge of their vehicles.

As a rule, 80% of owners of such models charge them at home or at the office walls. Due to the fact that owners of traditional cars with ICE do not see the charging process at special stations, they believe that these cars also need gasoline or diesel fuel.

The study also revealed other popular opinions regarding modern transport. As it turned out, 90% of respondents are sure that fast acceleration cannot be attributed to the advantage of an electric car, since it "consumes too much energy." Another 80% said they would not use a car with an electric motor in difficult weather conditions, and 65% would refuse to travel on such a car on the road.

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