The easiest way to save battery and traffic on your iPhone

iOS 13 and 13.1 contain many innovations, but perhaps one of the most useful is the “Data Saving” option. It protects against excessive costs and significantly extends the battery life of the device.

How to enable "Data Saver":

  • Go to iPhone system settings
  • Select the “Cellular Data” section.
  • Activate the toggle switch opposite to “Data Saving”

After enabling this mode, the smartphone blocks the background operation of several synchronization services, and this reduces traffic consumption and reduces the load on the battery.

What “Data Saving” Affects:

The easiest way to save battery and traffic on your iPhone
  • Disable automatic application updates
  • Disable sending photos and videos to iCloud
  • Disable automatic downloading of content in the application "Music" and "Podcasts"
  • Disable automatic video playback on the App Store
  • FaceTime High Quality Image Disabled

Traffic and battery power can be saved even when connected to Wi-Fi, and not just in cellular networks. To do this, enable the appropriate option in the settings of a specific Wi-Fi connection.

You can deactivate “Data Saving” in the same place where this mode is activated – in the settings for cellular communication or Wi-Fi.

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