If you are asked how the iPhone 11 Pro differs from last year’s iPhone XS, the camera will probably be the first thing you remember. Neither the increased battery capacity, nor the 18-watt power supply, nor even the lack of 3D Touch. Apparently, the atypical completion of the main camera module is affecting, which attracts attention with an additional lens with an ultra-wide viewing angle, thereby causing associations with the design solutions of competitors. But it is noteworthy not only in appearance. Is not it?

What is the difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS

IPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cameras

Despite the fact that Apple prefers not to bore users with the technical specifications of their devices, they also do not try to keep them secret in Cupertino. Therefore, the developer of the Halide application, Sebastian de Wit, studied the cameras of the new smartphones and presented their comprehensive description.


What is the difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS

The camera looks strange, but you can get used to it.

  • The minimum shutter speed has changed. If on the iPhone XS it was equal to 1/22 000, then on the iPhone 11 Pro – already 1/125 000.
  • The ISO value has grown: 24 at a minimum and 2304 at a maximum for iPhone XS and 32 at a minimum and 3072 at a maximum for iPhone 11 Pro.


  • The maximum shutter speed has changed, which is у second for the iPhone 11 Pro versus 1 second for the iPhone XS.
  • ISO values ​​have changed: the minimum is 21, the maximum is 2016 for the iPhone 11 Pro versus 15 and 1440 for the iPhone XS.
  • For the better, the aperture value has changed, which for the iPhone 11 Pro now has a value of f / 2.0 versus f / 2.4 of last year’s model.
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  • Exposure: 1/48,000 for the iPhone 11 Pro versus 1/50,000 for the iPhone XS.
  • ISO limits: 23 – 2208 on the iPhone 11 Pro and 18 – 1728 on the iPhone XS.
  • Resolution: 4032 x 3024 on the iPhone 11 Pro and 3088 x 2316 on the iPhone XS.
  • Focal length: 24 mm on the iPhone 11 Pro and 30 mm on the iPhone XS Max.

Ultra wide angle

Since the iPhone XS did not have such a module, we present the characteristics of only the iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Exposure Limits: 1/45 000 – 1
  • ISO Limits: 21 – 2016
  • Focal Length: 13mm
  • Aperture: f / 2.4

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The changes that have occurred with the camera of the iPhone 11 are hardly a real breakthrough. The maximum you can count on is a slight improvement when shooting in low light conditions. Even the additional module that Apple added this year has long been present in the competitors’ devices, becoming commonplace. Another thing is the camera software of the new iPhone. Thanks to the support of neural networks and machine learning technologies, the novelties learned not only to make high-quality images in the dark, but also to imitate studio shooting thanks to special modes.

How to take high-quality pictures on the iPhone 11

What is the difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone XS

IPhone 11 Pro Triple Camera

However, Apple will not stop there. This year, Cupertino plans to release an update for the iPhone 11, which activates Deep Fusion technology. This is one of the most promising developments of the company, reminiscent in essence of the textbook “do well” button. This technology will analyze every pixel in the frame and process it in such a way as to reduce noise and increase detail, and get a better image at the output than would have happened without post-processing.