Wi-Fi On Iphone Is Turned Off All The Reasons And Solutions

Buying the flagship smartphone of the most popular company, I want to get a gadget that will work flawlessly. However, ideal smartphones do not exist, each has flaws and disadvantages. IPhone users are increasingly complaining about problems connecting to Wi-Fi. Let’s see why Wifi is disconnected on the iPhone, and how to fix it.

No connection

The cause of the problem is the Wi-Fi module installed in all iPhone models. Ways to solve the problem:

  • Reboot in forced mode. In new models, for this you need to alternately press the volume up and down buttons and hold down the side button for a while.
  • Forget the password from the Wi-Fi network. Go to "Settings", open the "Wi-Fi" tab and select "Forget this network" and re-enter the security code.
  • Delete Wi-Fi network data. To do this, you also need to go to "Settings", select the "Basic" tab, then "Reset" and click "Reset Network Settings".
  • Disable VPN services. This option is enabled in the "Settings", in the "General" tab. Also, VPN must be disabled in downloaded third-party applications.
  • Change DNS server. In the “Settings”, in the “Wi-Fi” tab, you need to select the desired network, click on the “i” icon and enter the DNS server values ​​from Google or OpenDNS.
  • Update the operating system. Old bugs are fixed on newer versions of iOS, so check back for updates.
  • Reconfigure via iTunes. The last method to solve the problem is a complete reconfiguration of the smartphone. In order not to lose data, you need to save a copy of the system.
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If the iPhone does not connect to the network, the following video will help to solve the problem:

Turn off Wi-Fi periodically

The device may turn off due to two functions on the iPhone that are not always beneficial:

  • Help wifi. This function is designed to automatically switch to mobile Internet when a signal is lost. But sometimes the iPhone loses the network even if the router is unstable: when the speed decreases or the ping increases. You can disable this feature in the "Settings", in the "Cellular" tab.

  • Auto Connect When the “Auto Connect” function is turned on, the Wi-Fi on the phone will turn off and switch to other available networks after each disconnection, even if their signal is worse. You need to turn off auto-connect on each network separately.

Sleep Off

Most often this is due to the characteristics of the router, and not the smartphone, so you need to correct the parameters of the router itself. Here are the features that may be the reasons why Wi-Fi is constantly turning off on the iPhone in lock mode:

  • Short lease of IP addresses;
  • EAP encryption
  • WMM option;
  • Inappropriate range;
  • Roaming Helper;
  • Auto Channel Detection.

Why iPhone on OS iOS 12 is having problems with wireless connectivity, find out in the following video:

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