10 Reasons Why Mobile Adobe Lightroom

The mobile version of Lightroom is part of the CC (Creative Cloud) package. You can use the application completely free with some limitations. In order to remove them you will have to subscribe to Adobe CC:

  • "Photographers". includes desktop versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as 20 GB of cloud storage for 499 rubles per month;
  • "For students". all Adobe CC applications, 100 GB in the cloud for 1030 rubles per month.

What users of the free version lose:

  • Cloud storage
  • RAW support
  • Adobe sensei. this function identifies and marks pictures for fast and convenient search
  • Editing custom areas. If you want to make selective adjustments, you will have to purchase a subscription.
  • Healing brush. It allows you to remove unwanted objects from the frame.
  • General access
  • Batch editing. This feature significantly saves time when processing a large number of images.

Now it will be easier for you to decide on the choice of use model, whether it is a free option or a subscription. Looking ahead, I note that in the list of advantages there are some paid features.

Cloud sync

RAW support
10 Reasons Why Mobile Adobe Lightroom

RAW is a raw image file. It saves all the data that was received by the device matrix. Because of this, it weighs much more than the usual JPEG, due to this RAW opens up much more possibilities for editing and correction.

Some users like to experiment with shooting in the "raw" format. You can edit RAW files from the smartphone’s camera, as well as from other cameras, including full-format SLR and mirrorless ones.

Lots of editing tools

When it comes to editing capabilities, we can confidently say that the mobile version of Lightroom can well compete with some full-fledged desktop applications. Users can control exposure, contrast, glare, shadow, color, hue, temperature, saturation, sharpness, light and dark areas, sharpness, as well as noise reduction, cropping, geometry and much more. In addition, there is a "magic" button for automatic settings and cool profiles for quick correction.

It is worth noting that users with a paid subscription are even closer to the full version due to such additional functions as selective settings, restoring brushes, perspective correction and gradients.

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