3 Ways To Replace The Screen (Glass) With Xiaomi Mi A1

3 Ways To Replace The Screen (Glass) With Xiaomi Mi A1

What to do if the screen (glass) crashed on Xiaomi Mi A1? Is it possible to replace it on my own and where can I get it? In this article, we will try to solve this problem, as well as additional ones that will appear in the process.

Hoping to repair the phone under warranty is not worth it, it’s a waste of time. A broken display is not such a precedent. Based on this, we offer 3 solutions to the problem:

Method No. 1

Make money and hand over the smartphone for repair to the service center.

Advantages of the method: most likely after such a repair your phone will be like new. Display replace competent craftsmen, using modern equipment and original parts.

The disadvantages of the method: you have to pay a decent amount of money and wait a long time. Usually, there are a large number of people who want to repair their devices in repair services, so masters cannot maintain fast repair speed.

Method No. 2

Take your MI A1 to an unofficial service, to a private workshop near the house, etc.

Advantages of the method: you can directly communicate with a repair specialist, thereby speeding up the repair. As a result, the cost will be significantly lower compared to the first option.

The disadvantages of the method: the required display module may not be available, so the repair time will be delayed until the wizards order a new screen.

Method 3

3 Ways To Replace The Screen (Glass) With Xiaomi Mi A1

Advantages of the method: finding the required display is not easy for yourself, but in this case you will buy it very profitably. In a private workshop, you will have to pay 30-50% more for such a display. And if you manage to replace it with your own hands or from an unofficial specialist, in this case, the repair will finally turn out penny.

Today on the Internet there is such an original module.

They have slight differences – one that is cheaper, without an internal frame and harder to replace, another model has a frame, but its cost is higher.

Take a look at this video, here is a detailed analysis of Xiaomi A1 with a replacement display module. If you have the ability to parse, then most likely you can do it yourself.

If you feel that you cannot replace the screen yourself, even according to the instructions, then it is better to rely on the masters of their craft, in any case, it is up to you. Write in the comments below which option you ultimately chose and what came of it.