4 Ways To Clear “Other” On An Iphone In Itunes And What It Is

4 Ways To Clear Other On An Iphone In Itunes And What It Is

When the memory in the iPhone is worth its weight in gold, every megabyte counts.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and go to the "Browse" menu of your device. At the bottom of the program screen, you will see a memory status indicator on which the contents of your device are sorted into categories: “Audio”, “Video”, “Photo”, “Programs”, “Books”, “Documents and Data”, and “Other ".

For example, I have no questions about what iTunes means by “Audio”, “Video” or “Photo”, and what is included in “Other” is a mystery.

IPhone and iPad memory content types

According to Apple, the following data types are stored on iOS devices:

  • Audio: songs, audio podcasts, audio books, voice recordings, and ringtones.
  • Video: movies, videos, and TV shows.
  • Photo: The contents of the "Camera Roll", "Photo Stream", and "Media Library" albums.
  • Programs: installed programs.
  • Books: iBooks books and PDFs.
  • Documents and Data: Safari offline reading list, files created in programs, and program contents, in particular contacts, calendars, messages, and email (with attachments).
  • Other.

As a rule, on a new iPhone or iPad, the Other takes up no more than 200 MB and there’s nothing to worry about. But over time, the size of this section can reach several gigabytes (!). At the time of writing, on my 16-gigabyte iPhone 5s “Other” occupied 2.69 GB of memory, which is 23% of all available memory (11.9 GB). I thought, and you?

“Other” on iPhone. how was it?

In iOS 8 and earlier, the Other category included:

  • Email with attachments
  • Messages with attachments
  • Contacts
  • Reminders
  • Calendar Events
  • Notes
  • Diagnostic Information
  • IOS Settings and Updates
  • Bookmarks and Safari History
  • Installed program data
  • Voice recordings.

“Other” on iPhone. how is it?

With the advent of iOS 9, the situation has changed and now iTunes categorizes as “Other”:

  • Mobile OS Settings
  • Siri Voices and VoiceOver
  • System data
  • Cached files

As you can see, Apple put things in order in the iOS storage and now it has become more transparent. The question of cached files remained open, since in addition to video and music cache, other data is also stored in the iPhone and iPad, for example, iOS updates downloaded via Wi-Fi. Therefore, iTunes and they must somehow identify.

What are cached files in iOS?

In other words, cached are temporary files that are created when streaming music and video, hi Apple Music!

Nevertheless, Apple doesn’t say anything, because in addition to temporary files, iTunes categorizes the “Other” data category as:

  1. IOS updates downloaded over Wi-Fi
  2. Unloaded files
  3. Files remaining after failed or incomplete synchronization
  4. Messages in the Notification Center
  5. Application crash reports
  6. Copies of photos with filters applied

To make sure of this is quite simple:

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Download the iOS update on iPhone over Wi-Fi (if available).

Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes, select your device and go to the Overview page.

Now, on the iPhone, go to “Settings.> The main ones.> Storage and iCloud.> Section "Storage".> Manage ”, select the downloaded update and uninstall it.

  • Launch iTunes again, or connect the device to the computer and estimate the size of the Other sector. It will decrease by the size of the software update.
  • 4 Ways To Clear Other On An Iphone In Itunes And What It Is

    After removing the 1.4 GB iOS 9.3 update, on the iPhone 5s, the Other section was reduced from 2.69 GB to 1.29 GB.

    Apple would not be itself if iOS or iTunes had the option to clear the "Other" section on the iPhone, but, unfortunately, there is no such possibility. The Cupertinians say that this is not necessary, since:

    If you do not trust artificial intelligence, then you can force iOS to partially delete the cached files, after which the size of the "Other" section in iTunes will decrease.

    1. Temporary files are partially deleted when the iPhone is rebooted.
    2. Cached files are not included in the device’s backup (officially), therefore restoring from the backup clears the “Other” on the iPhone. It’s been noticed that there are fewer temporary files in the iCloud copy than in the iTunes copy, but they are still there.
    3. Some specialized utilities for Mac and Windows, PhoneClean, for example, allow you to delete temporary and underloaded files, as well as files remaining after unsuccessful or interrupted synchronization.

    In practice, it turns out that these measures solve the problem with the gigabyte section "Other" only temporarily. In iOS, cached files and error reports will always be generated, and there is nothing to be done about it. But still there is a way that allows you to radically clear the “Other” on the iPhone, and this is Erasing content and settings.

    How to clear “Other” on an iPhone by erasing content and settings?

    1. Transfer Contacts, Notes, Calendar and Reminders to iCloud.
    2. Transfer Music, Video and Photos to your computer using iMazing, for example.

    Go to Settings.> The main ones.> Reset ”and click on the button“ Erase content and settings ”.

    Enter the lock password (if set).

    Confirm irreversible data erase twice.

    When configuring the device, do not restore it from the backup, since temporary files are partially saved in it, but configure it as new.

    After the first download, plug in iCloud. The contents of your cloud storage will automatically be loaded into the device’s memory and will be synchronized with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch connected to your Apple ID.

    The actions described above are only temporary measures, which still need to be repeated periodically, for example, after each iOS update. And do not be confused by the “Other” section in iTunes, since iOS automatically controls it and deletes temporary files when necessary. In addition, you can always clean the iPhone manually using PhoneClean. it’s like cleaning the house, only express.

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