Acer Aspire Laptop Charge Indicator Off

Acer Aspire Laptop Charge Indicator Off

In some cases, it turns out that, despite the fact that the power indicator is on, the laptop does not turn on. Why does this situation arise? What is required to pay special attention to? What may be required to correct this situation? Understanding all the issues that arise is actually not as simple as it might seem at first glance. A personal computer is rather unpredictable equipment. Power-up problems can result from many failures. Some users rush to go to service centers. This is not recommended. First, it is advisable to independently diagnose the problem. It is possible to cope with the situation without assistance.

Video card

Does the laptop not turn on even though the power indicator is on? There are various reasons for this phenomenon. The first thing you can think of is the malfunctioning video card. In the case of a stationary PC, you can simply detect and fix such a breakdown. To do this, you just need to remove this component and connect it to another machine. But in the case of laptops, the user will have to try. If you suspect a malfunction or breakdown of the video card, it is recommended that you contact service centers for assistance or call the system administrator for help. You don’t even have to try to diagnose the problem yourself. The laptop usually turns on by itself. you can hear the cooler. But there is no picture on the screen. Sometimes you can even hear how the operating system is loading.

Screen malfunction

If the power indicator is on, but the laptop does not turn on and the problem with the video card is eliminated, then the device may have been damaged or the monitor has broken. This is an extremely rare occurrence, which sometimes takes place in practice. If the display breaks, then the causes of the breakdown are likely to be the same as in the case of the video card. In this case, there will be no image on the monitor, but the sound of turning on the OS will appear. Independently deal with this problem will not work. The only option is to buy a new laptop. You can try to contact a service center under similar circumstances. Perhaps there will be able to repair the display. Usually, after such a repair, the devices do not work for long. In the end, you still have to replace the laptop with a new one.


The following possible situation can be corrected without assistance. What should I do if the power indicator is on, but the laptop still does not turn on? The main causes of this phenomenon are a failure or reset. BIOS settings may have gone wrong. It is for this reason that the problem in question could occur on a laptop. In this situation, it is recommended to reset the BIOS. After that, the computer should work at its full potential.

Lack of components

What else could cause this problem? If we are talking about a new laptop that worked before, then we should not exclude the absence of any components. If the laptop itself turns on, but nothing is displayed on the screen and the NumLock and CapsLock buttons do not go out, then BIOS may be initialized. The laptop probably does not have RAM or a processor. If we are talking about a device that previously functioned, then the reason may be hiding in the breakdown of the above components.

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In some cases, it happens that despite the power indicator is on, the laptop still does not turn on, although it used to work normally. The cause of the problem is the hard drive. In order for the computer to refuse to start, one small failure is enough. In this case, the power button will still light. You may also notice that the fan is operating normally. At the same time, the NumLock buttons and others light up and go out, as expected. It is recommended to disassemble the laptop and disconnect the hard drive. Now try turning it on again in this state. It did not help? Then you can try again carefully attaching this component. If the problem was a failure, then it should disappear.


What should I do if the power indicator is on, but the laptop still does not turn on? Diagnosing a problem in this case will require certain knowledge from the user. Do not rush to give the computer for repair. It should be borne in mind that most of these problems are usually solved with the help of a professional. You can solve the situation yourself if the problem is the battery. She, quite likely, was simply discharged. Then it will be quite simple to connect the power to the network and the computer and try again to turn on the devices. Before you press the power button of the laptop, it is better to wait a few minutes. This will allow the battery to get a little charge. This technique is quite effective. Some experts also recommend removing the battery from the laptop completely, and then connecting the power cord to it. After that, you need to turn on the computer and monitor the situation. If the computer is fully operational, then nothing more needs to be done. Otherwise, the source of the problem will have to be solved elsewhere. Practice shows that a depleted laptop or battery problems are quite common. These problems are eliminated quite easily and without assistance.

Short circuits

What to do if the Samsung laptop does not turn on? At the same time, the power indicator is on and the cooler is working. The following reason is quite rare. Diagnosing it yourself is almost impossible. This problem may occur if the laptop is damaged in the south or north bridge. Why does this situation arise? Malfunctions of bridges can be caused by various reasons, for example, through a circuit caused by a temperature difference. If, due to this, the USB port is damaged on the laptop, then the appearance of the studied problem will be quite likely. In this case, there will be one way to fix this problem. repair damaged components. Buying a new PC will be the most effective way to solve this problem. Refurbished components in laptops are unlikely to work for a long time. Here, each user will have to decide for himself what to do.


If the laptop refuses to turn on, but at the same time the device has been functioning for a while, then it is worth considering the impact of viruses on the device. Often, computer infection leads to the fact that the computer simply ceases to function in normal mode. In some cases, it comes to damage by BIOS viruses. In this case, problems with turning on the laptop may occur. It’s unlikely that you can fix the problem yourself. As in most of the cases mentioned earlier, it is best to immediately take the computer to a service center. Here, they will help you return your laptop to working capacity and cure it of viruses. Fortunately, this scenario is rather rare. However, do not exclude it, especially in cases where the user himself admits the presence of viruses on the computer. In some cases, problems associated with turning on the laptop occur after OS treatment. In this case, it will be enough to first reinstall the BIOS, and then the operating system. After that, no problems will bother you.


To summarize the preliminary results. To begin with, it is worth noting that the diagnosis and troubleshooting in most cases boil down to calls to a service center. Most often, many do just that. After all, a laptop is a fairly complex device. Repairing it yourself is actually not as simple as a desktop computer. If you cannot independently figure out why the computer does not turn on, then you can immediately contact a specialized service center for help. If you suspect a specific problem, be sure to inform the service center staff about it.

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