Add Music To Your Apple Device (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod)

Add Music To Your Apple Device (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod)

Greetings, dear, lover of wonderful Apple devices, since you have come to this page, then most likely you are the lucky owner of an iPhone (3,4,5), iPad or iPod.

In this note, I will tell you how to download music to iPad, iPhone or iPod.. In fact, everything is very simple and you can download songs, download them to your device very quickly, literally in five to ten minutes.

But, before you fully open the question: “How to upload your favorite music to iPad, iPhone, iPod”, you need to make some simple preparations, namely: prepare a USB cable in order to download through it (or upload, download, drop, as you prefer) files (this cable was bundled with your Apple iPhone device) and download (it’s free) a special program. iTunes, it is with this software that we can download (upload) music to the device.

If the cable is found, all you have to do is drop iTunes. I must say right away: the program is free, but you need to download it only from the official site, you are not trying to download iTunes from another site, otherwise you run the risk of getting a virus instead of the program and, even worse, ruin your Apple iPhone or iPad device.

Download iTunes

Download iTunes, as I said above: absolutely free, you can on the Apple Corporation website at this link. Let me remind you: you need to download only from the official resource.

  • Follow the link above;
  • After going to the page, the site will automatically determine your operating system;
  • Check or uncheck the boxes next to the proposed items. In fact, there is no difference, anyway, you can easily download the program to your personal computer;
  • Enter the address of your email inbox;
  • Click the “Download” button, after a while the program will start downloading, for free.

After downloading the program (for free) install it. This is very simple (you can download it via an exe file), I will not describe this process.

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Add files to your library

After you have been able to download iTunes and install it, you need to make some simple settings so that in the future it is convenient to work with the program, drop and transfer music to iPnohe through it.

  • Run the program;
  • Make the top line of the menu visible, this can be done by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. CTRLB;
  • Now, for convenience, to make it easier to download and upload music, you need to make the side menu visible, for this, press the key combination. CTRLC;
  • A box with the name “Media Library” should appear on the side of iTunes, there are several folders in this field, you need to find a folder called “Music”, it is through this folder that we will throw songs. If the folder is not visible, then in the top menu, select "Edit".>”Settings” in the window that opens, select the items you need (check the boxes).

In the “Media Library” field, click on the “Music” folder, a working field should appear to the right of the side menu, here you need to add and download songs. It is very simple to do this: select your audio files on the computer and transfer them to the previously opened “Music” folder.

That’s it, the songs are almost on your device, there’s the last, small touch. add, upload and upload songs to the device, i.e. sync your iTunes library with your Apple device (iPnohe, iPod, iPad).

Library Sync

It is very easy to do.:

  • In the side menu, in the “Devices” field, select your device (iPnohe, iPod, iPad);
  • Information about your device (iPnohe, iPod, iPad) will appear in the program, you need to find the “Sync” button at the very bottom and click on it to add and drop songs to the device;
  • After iTunes finishes syncing, the songs will appear on your iPhone, iPod, iPad. Now you can throw songs as you like.

How could you replace with a simple question: “How to drop your favorite, well, or unloved music on iPhone, iPad, iPod”, there is the same simple answer. Add and download is very simple!)

I also want to remind you that you need to download media content (including music) to your mobile gadget, whether it’s an iPad or iPhone, only from official sources. According to statistics, ninety percent of applications located on warez sites contain any virus or trojan. Therefore, to secure your device, only download content from trusted sites, such as iTunes or Google Play.

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