Apple invests $ 250 million in tempered glass maker

Apple invests $ 250 million in tempered glass maker

In the future, we can expect even more durable glass.

In January 2007, Apple presented to the wide audience the original iPhone. At that time, the smartphone had a plastic screen, and Corning was faced with the difficult task of quickly developing a special protective coating that would successfully resist scratches and drops.

Apple invests $ 250 million in tempered glass maker

Work on an ambitious tempered glass project, by order of Steve Jobs, took several months. Just a few weeks before the start of iPhone production, Corning approves a chemical glass processing formula. The team of experts was able not only to “reinvent” the toughened glass again, but also to organize the production of such glass panels in a short time.

The promising development was called Gorilla Glass, opening a completely new direction for Corning. in the future, chemically processed glasses will be in demand more than ever.

Of course, Corning did not rest on its laurels, and every year showed the public more and more durable glass coatings. For example, this year the company showed the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass. According to rumors, it is these protective glasses that are used in the cases of the new iPhone.

Yesterday it became known that Apple will allocate Corning $ 250 million from the fund of advanced manufacturing technologies. Apple is investing in a supplier with one goal. to get even more durable and advanced protective coatings on the iPhone. The proceeds will be used to purchase new equipment and to sponsor new developments.

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