Best Cases For Iphone 5s Error 9

Iphone error 9 this error occurs when updating or recovering iphone. For this error code, what is that one solution tip is not there, but we collected tips from various forums and divided them into software and hardware. Here’s what happened.

Apple tips

This error occurs when the device’s connection with iTunes via the USB port is unexpectedly interrupted. This can happen if the user manually disconnects the device during the recovery process. This problem can be resolved by troubleshooting a USB connection, using a different cable from the dock to the USB port, using a different USB port, restoring on another computer, or resolving conflicts with third-party security software.

Program error solution

  • You need to clean the host file before flashing.
  • You enter the phone in DFU, in iReb you select iPhone 4, you wait for a message to appear about the ability to flash without closing iReb, in iTunes Shift Restore. choose custom firmware without upgrading the modem to clean the host file in advance.
  • The redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3 program, Recovery Fix button, helped.
  • Sign out of your itunes account and then recover.

Hardware problems

  • To begin, try to flash with the cable disabled. You can, by the way, and with the screen off, try, sometimes it also helps.
  • Sometimes this error 9 occurs when a damaged gyro loop.
  • Error 9 may be due to the battery, cord, or recovery mode.
  • If flash Samsung then 99% that the reboot does not help (who shot the flash saw balls), you need to change to a new one (or from a donor).
  • The problem was solved more than once by rolling the modem flash drive and BB.
  • You need to open TA first. look (oxide,, trash, rifresh, and / etc).
  • It is necessary to measure 0.8 volts whether there is a flash.
  • Eprom. the glass very quickly breaks down precisely when the GPS connectors are removed, it is very fragile and it is fragile. always fall off at the top left bottom.
  • You need to reboot the modem.
  • Error 9 climbs out when the modem part starts to flash.
  • If it is not flashed from either DFU or recovery mode, you need to look where the connection is disconnected.
  • At the FIVE, THREE chips U4, U501_RF and U601_RF change.
  • The error may be due to damage to the nickels under the screws on the motherboard.

Best Cases For Iphone 5s Error 9

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Layering board

There were several fives hanging on "waiting for iphone" rolling the processor and the nand did not help, the problem turned out to be in the board itself, removing the processor, it started to call the nickels that come from the nand, and I noticed a situation where if you put more pressure on the nickel then the contact seems to ring and if you don’t press and come from the edge of the contact then a dime in a cliff, so that there would be no objection to the purity of the experiment, I will say that everything was done under a microscope and with well-sharpened probes, I repeat that I saw this on several devices and now if I come up with a reboot or waiting I take off n and the first thing I check coppers come with Nand. Probably there is a bundle of the board.

Modem Check

The memory of the modem (EEPROM) and the modem as brother and sister) if you unzip them then error 27. If you unsolder the EEPROM then error 1669. Like this. In this way, I check the modem’s performance when the error 1669 is at the firmware stage. I changed the EEPROM at the end of the firmware, error 27 is at the very end. But if at the beginning of the modem firmware the error was 1669 with a non-native (but checked by EEPROM) then the dead modem’s sim.

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Instructions for replacing flash memory on iphone

The problem is in the flash memory samsung 843 K9MDG0805M. Devices with 16 gigabytes on board are susceptible to the problem, since such chips are in them.

The screen was removed. before us is a flash flooded with a black compound at the bottom and on the sides, where are the contacts. It can be removed only in one way, at least all the others have led to the separation of the sites from the PCB. over, this does not depend on the degree of reflow of the solder; they are torn off due to the compound.

  • We fix the board, warm it up at a temperature of 260-280 (this is for air! the microcircuit should not heat up more than 240 degrees) to the flash evenly, while with the usual clerical knife at the edge, we begin to scrape the compound in an attempt to make a crack under the mikruha. (Before this, this place is solvent- the rag is getting a little black.
  • Then we take the usual razor by the platypus (sold for machine tools), preliminarily adjust the width of the razor with scissors) and begin to gently stick it into the mikruhu on the hot one.
  • Then, without stopping warming, we begin "swing-like" move the blade with movements until we get to the legs with the edge. we switch to this place — carefully and evenly heat it (I changed the nozzle to a narrow nozzle, locally warmed my legs) and gently push the blade out of the flash, cutting off the rest of the compound and separating the legs from the contact pads, because the solder "swam".
  • What should not rest or interfere with the blade, by the way, check that it is smooth without burrs and snacks. it will smoothly go beyond. We repeat the procedure for the other side, there are more accurately, close chip details and a connector for the upper loop. By the way, we close it with foil (I also put a thermal pad with some kind of vidyahi) otherwise you will get a replacement if it melts.
  • And here is before us "hero of the occasion" and seat after removal:

In general, if all the platforms on the board are in place, you can exhale, the terrible is behind. Next, we prepare a new mikruhu (from the donor), prepare a board (we service all the contacts, then we apply the flux with a thin layer) and ahead.

Preparing the flash installation location

Best Cases For Iphone 5s Error 9

Voila, it was flashed without hesitation, and the coolest thing is that on a 16 gigabyte device I made up an 8 gigabyte flash and at least henna! Only that I called him everything works, I score with music for the last test.

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