Blur Background On Iphone 7 No Network

iPhone 7 Plus

One of the latest innovations from the American company Apple. The most important functions of previous models of iPhones are many times improved. Absolutely new features of photography, video shooting thanks to a camera update. As for autonomy, the Iphone 7 Plus has a new, powerful and ultra-energy-efficient battery. Rich sound is provided thanks to high-quality and also advanced stereo speakers. The gadget’s display is several times brighter and even more saturated with a color palette than the displays of the predecessor’s iPhones. The new Iphone has moisture protection. The external presentation of the novelty is also striking in its modern design and beauty of execution. The ratio of the internal rich functional filling is consistent with the external style representation.

Iphone 7 Plus is made of heavy-duty aluminum 7000 series, the screen size is 5.5 inches. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The increase in the diagonal of the screen and the body of the iPhone respectively affected the weight of the phone, now it has become 50 grams more and amounts to 188 grams (compared to 138 grams of the Iphone 7).

Iphone 7 Plus options. mm.

Color representation. matte black and glossy black “black onyx”. Signature colors. silver, gold, rose gold.

The matte finish Iphone is made of smooth brushed aluminum. In order to achieve the perfect glossy surface in the color “black onyx”, the body of the smart phone is subjected to a high-precision 9-step process of anodizing and polishing.

With this effect, manufacturers have reached the level of painting, depth and uniformity of black color that the difference between the display and the aluminum case can hardly be discerned.

As for the design, its updates are simply colossal! This iPhone from the American company Apple is absolutely not afraid of water!

The gadget is resistant to moisture. this is so important for active users!

From now on, your device has much better protection against splashes, moisture and even dusty dirt!

They touched on innovations and the Home button. Now this is a supersensitive element, a kind of innovation, with which the user controls with incredible sensitivity to pressure and response speed. Taptic Engine allows you to customize it for the user and makes the sensitive response even more accurate and fast! The Touch ID fingerprint recognizer has a completely new modern user identification sensor, with which it is easy and safe to remove and set the lock on the iPhone.

In addition to all of the above, these phones also have functional cameras. In the 7th generation of the iPhone Plus, the camera is back with updates and new features. The optical stabilization available in the cameras of the 7 Plus gadget minimizes the blur that was possible in the frames when moving an iPhone or shooting objects. The built-in sensor monitors and balances the minimum fluctuations and now the shutter speed is 3 times longer than that of the predecessor iPhone 6s. The built-in ƒ / 1.8 aperture delivers 50% more light than the iPhone 6s, making it possible to achieve incredible image quality even in low light. A built-in six-cylinder lens makes photos even brighter and more accessible for detailed viewing. In addition, the camera is equipped with four powerful True Tone Quad-LED flash LEDs that give 50% brighter light than the iPhone 6s. The flash is equipped with an auto-adjustment function for the color temperature of the environment, as a result of which the pictures are clear and very high-quality illuminated!

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Video: Blur Background On Iphone 7 No Network

Blur Background On Iphone 7 No Network

The presence of a ƒ / 1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization, videos recorded with 7 iPhones in poor lighting conditions also make video shooting better. Thanks to 12MP camera, the ability to shoot video with a resolution of up to 4K is available. From this it follows that night shooting will now be even more interesting.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a built-in 10x digital zoom (it was 5x with the predecessor iPhone 7). With the help of a new lens, the mode of portrait shooting and blurring the background became available.

As for the front camera \ front camera \ selfie \ FaceTime. not only the resolution, but also the color range has been increased for it.

Clarity, brightness, realism and excellent frame quality are all about the selfie options in the new iPhone 7 Plus. Lighting will also not be a hindrance for shooting, the Retina Flash will adjust to the surrounding light and make the skin color of the photographed face as natural as possible.

The Retina HD display has an incredible color palette and delivers the highest quality color reproduction you can imagine. Each frame will use the maximum number of shades of the palette, which provides incredible realism. Natural and real photographs when viewing which you are unlikely to understand, you look at the photo or are personally at the event you are watching.

Available in 7 Iphone Plus, 3D Touch technology has now become even more convenient. It provides a tactile response, due to which the user will not only see the results of his actions, but will also feel them.

On the Retina HD iPhone 7 Plus display, all the features of 3D Touch are available in all iOS sections. Now working in applications such as Messages, Calendar, Mail and others, is available in a completely new way. even more accurate and efficient.

The functional filling of the phone is represented by the powerful, fast and most economical A10 Fusion processor. It uses a completely new architecture, thanks to which it will work on the verge of the possibility of speed, when you need good performance, and on the verge of the possibility of efficiency, when the power criterion is not in the foreground for you. The battery life of this Iphone 7 Plus is much longer without the need for recharging, which means that solving problems will be faster and mains power supply will be much rarer.

Also, it is worth noting that this is the first model that is equipped with stereo speakers with a power twice the stereo power of the previous Iphone model
6s. Increased and dynamic range. Playing sound, music, videos and talking on the speakerphone goes to a whole new level.

The buyer receives headphones as standard with the phone.
Еar Pods with Lightning Connector. However, if you want to use your headphones, you will have the opportunity to use them simply by connecting your headphones through a special adapter with an input of 3.5 mm., Which comes also in the kit.

The operating system was developed specifically for iPhones and iPads. Based on this working system, the equipment works quickly and at the same time smoothly. To get maximum graphics performance, Apple used Metal technology. Work on the World Wide Web, simultaneous work in several applications, complicated mobile toys with 3D-graphics. and always the picture on the display will be of excellent quality, and the phone will respond instantly. This OS is the first mobile system in the world that works so smoothly.

The size of the battery has increased along with the increase in the size of the case and now holds a charge even longer. the time of using an iPhone wireless network without the need for recharging is up to 21 hours on a 3G network, the standby time is up to 16 days.

Blur Background On Iphone 7 No Network

Let your use of American Apple technology bring you pleasure!

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