Charging In A Car Or How To Connect A Laptop In A Car

Charging In A Car Or How To Connect A Laptop In A Car

For most motorists who use a laptop in the car, the question is urgent: how to connect the laptop to the cigarette lighter of the car to use the device while traveling? Someone plans to carry out work activities using a mobile gadget, others use it as an entertainment system, but everyone is faced with the problem of the limited working life of a laptop due to the small capacity of its battery.

Depending on the model, the continuous operation time can be 3-7 hours, and then you need to look for alternative power sources in order to recharge it. Of course, some car owners have a 220 V outlet in the car, but, as a rule, it is located in the luggage compartment, which makes it inconvenient to use it, because you need to stop, often, remove things from the trunk or shift them to connect the laptop to the outlet. Also, the method of placing the device will be unsafe, because it can be mechanically damaged or fall during sudden acceleration or braking. However, there are effective ways to connect a laptop through a cigarette lighter.

How to connect a laptop to a car through a cigarette lighter using an inverter?

An inverter is an electric voltage converter that allows you to get 220/230 V from a car’s on-board network to power a computer 220/230 V. Such a device is very productive, but differs in large dimensions, which makes its presence in the car interior quite inconvenient, because the inverter need to post somewhere. However, it can be connected both through the cigarette lighter and through the terminals of the machine’s battery, because special clips usually come with it.

The inverter heats up very much during operation, so part of the energy is spent on heat loss. Modern devices are characterized by high efficiency, which reaches 95%. The cost of equipment is quite high and it depends not only on the manufacturer of the device, but also on its power. To ensure full charging of the laptop battery, you can use devices with an output power of 200/300 watts. Of course, there are 600 W inverters, but they are designed for more energy-intensive equipment and their use is not advisable.

The resource of such a device is quite large, so its life cycle is long, but is it worth it to use? With all the obvious pluses, there are a lot of minuses, one of which is that it is necessary to allocate a special place for it. An intercooler is located in the inverter housing, which cools the internal winding of the device with air, therefore, to freely remove heat from the device, you should choose a well-blown place in the cabin, and also hide it from the sun.

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How to connect a laptop in a car through a cigarette lighter with an adapter?

Auto adapter for a laptop provides a full charge of the gadget. The only nuance when using it is that it cannot be connected when you work with the device. This applies to those users who use laptops with broken or damaged batteries. It will not provide the necessary laptop performance. This adapter also differs from the inverter. The advantages of the equipment include:

  1. Ultra small overall dimensions.
  2. Low power consumption from the on-board network, which does not increase the load on the generator.
  3. Does not cause noise interference when working with other electronic devices of a car.
  4. Practical and easy to use.
  5. Most adapters have a USB port for charging the phone.
  6. Differs in low cost.
Charging In A Car Or How To Connect A Laptop In A Car

Of course, an adapter is a great alternative solution to an inverter. Its cost is much lower and its service life is very high, so it can certainly be used for many years. However, as with all technical devices, its parts undergo natural wear and tear, so the equipment will have to be replaced sooner or later. However, the same applies to the inverter. By the way, each adapter is designed for a specific laptop model, as evidenced by the output connector.

We hope that now you understand: how to connect the laptop to the car for charging and this process will not cause any difficulties. Regarding which equipment to choose, it is definitely difficult to answer here, because everyone decides for himself, but in the car, most likely, it will be most practical to use an adapter instead of an inverter.

Wondered whether it is possible to charge a laptop in a car using current from a car battery? The answer is yes, and it is very simple. From how much

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