Cheaper Lee Iphone After New Year

Cheaper Lee Iphone After New Year

Today we will be shown new iPhone models. True, not all users will be interested in new items.

We already know almost everything.&# 129335;&# 127995; ‍♂️

Apple’s fall presentation is likely to confirm all the summer leaks, which gradually revealed the details of the iPhone Xs.

Another interesting

How much should prices go down on older iPhone models and how quickly will prices fall on the previous generation of smartphones. Should I expect serious discounts?

By the presentation of this year, Yandex.Market analysts have studied how the value of iPhones has changed over the past two years.

Model price on Yandex.Market. the average price of all offers that users clicked, weighted by the number of clicks on each offer.

2016 year. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

Introduced on September 7, 2016, the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones became noticeably cheaper a month after the start of sales.

Prices for iPhone 7 (September, 2016. March, 2017)

iPhone 7 32GB: 58 000 rub.. 37 000 rub.
The difference was 21 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 128GB: 68 000 rub.. 43 000 rub.
The difference was 25 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: 72 000 rub.. 46 000 rub.
The difference was 26 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB: 80 000 rub.. 51 000 rub.
The difference was 29 thousand rubles.

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB: 140 000 rub.. 55 000 rub.
The difference was 85 thousand rubles.

The biggest drop in price during this time was the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB. By March 2018, prices for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus fell by an average of 30%, who would have thought!

By April, one could talk about stabilization of moderate prices for these models, if not for a sharp jump in the dollar against the ruble (from 57.2 rubles per dollar to 64 rubles).

After the jump, prices expectedly soared 3-5 thousand up depending on the model. In the future, the price gradually decreased until the presentation of new models.

2017 year. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X

In September 2017, Apple introduced three new smartphone models at once (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). The first two appeared on sale in a couple of weeks, but the revolutionary iPhone X had to wait until November.

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Prices for iPhone 8 (September, 2017. March, 2018)

iPhone 8 64GB: 52 000 rub. 43 000 rub.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

iPhone 8 256GB: 63 000 rub.. 54 000 rub.
The difference was 9 thousand rubles.

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: 61 000 rub.. 55 000 rub.
The difference was 6 thousand rubles.

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: 70 000 rub.. 65 000 rub.
The difference was 5 thousand rubles.

In general, prices for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus managed to fall as much as 10-12%. Compared to previous models, the difference seems ridiculous.

Reducing the cost of a smartphone by 5-9 thousand rubles can not be compared with the wild difference of 85 thousand rubles for previous apple gadgets for the same period.

Prices for iPhone X (November, 2017. March, 2018)

iPhone X 64GB: 83 000 rub.. 60 000 rub.
The difference was 23 thousand rubles.

iPhone X 256GB: 92 000 rub.. 72 000 rub.
The difference was 20 thousand rubles.

The "ten" waited too long, so everything is clear with the prices: the impressive reduction in prices compared to the start of sales is due to the disappointment of many owners of the "X", which most switched to iPhone 8 after several months of owning the iPhone X.

Prices for the iPhone X rose during the first week after the release, and then for the month fell 7% lower than they were on the first day of sales.

After which the decline continued: if at the beginning the iPhone X 64GB cost about 83 thousand rubles, then by March the price dropped down to 65 thousand rubles.

What do Yandex Market analysts advise

Apart from the first days of sales, in which outbits are satisfied with real frenzy, the prices of iPhones do not change, remaining at a high level.

Only after 2-3 months, the cost begins to fall slowly. By spring, prices will stabilize and continue to change slightly. except for fluctuations associated with the dynamics of the dollar.

Consequently, buying a smartphone is profitable after the winter and spring holidays: at this point, the price is already significantly lower than the starting one, and until the advent of the new model there is still another six months.

We already know when the start of sales of new iPhone models will take place (tentatively September 21st), as well as their approximate cost:

When transferring to the ruble, the exchange rate of which is extremely unstable in recent weeks, the situation looms not encouraging.

Based on the foregoing, it can be assumed that prices on the model of 2016 "sag" for 5-10 thousand rubles depending on the model. Most likely, iPhone 6s will be finally removed from sale, and prices for the "sevens" will drop to the current level of iPhone 6s.

As for the models of the previous year, we should also expect a significant reduction in prices.

The company finally abandons the branded round button with integrated Touch ID. It seems to me that the logo of the future presentation is a sort of “curtsy” in the direction of the famous button on the front surfaces of the company’s smartphones, starting with the first model presented back in January 2007.

Therefore, from Apple you can expect an obvious revision of prices for the latest models of this series (iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus). Here prices should fall by 10%.

Following the lead analyst’s opinion:

In my opinion, Apple should be crazy to put the initial version of the top-end iPhone at 100 k, waiting for 89990 for it in an optimistic scenario, 94990 in a pessimistic one. Previously, before the jump, the plan was to sell at 84,990.

By the way, the revolutionary iPhone X is likely to be replaced with new models, and The top ten will simply be removed from sales.

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