Check Iphone Lock By Apple Id Login

Check Iphone Lock By Apple Id Login

Theft and lock Apple ID through Find My iPhone

Not so long ago, two scam hackers who stole the Apple ID and extorted money to unlock the Apple iPhone and iPad were arrested in Russia. With the help of phishing sites and other schemes of illegal access to personal data, scammers gained control over the Apple user ID and blocked iPhone through Find my iPhone. Then they sent the owner of the device an offer to pay for unlocking the iPhone.

Let’s look at how criminals act to increase security, prevent hacking, blocking and deleting data from your device.

Here’s what the fraudulent scheme for hacking Apple ID and iPhone lock looks like

  • Hacking and changing the password for your mailbox from which you registered on Apple ID;
  • Sending a request for password recovery to Apple ID from;
  • Gaining access to your Apple ID and iCloud account;
  • Lock your devices through Find My iPhone;
  • Send a message to your device with an offer to pay for unlocking.

The saddest thing is that this is not the only scheme with which scammers manage to hack find my iphone and lock the device. Remember that iPhone security is in your hands. Apple has repeatedly stated that it is not responsible for the theft of Apple ID, so you will have to take care of the security of your account yourself. Carefully read the instructions for improving the security of your account.

How to protect Apple ID from hacking

  • Do not use upgraded, shared and free Apple ID accounts;
  • Register your Apple account using a separate mailbox. It is better if it is a gmail service or another, but which has established itself as protected and secure;
  • Do not use the same password to access your mailbox and Apple ID;
  • Create a complex password, consisting of 8 or more characters and which contains numbers, as well as lowercase and uppercase letters;
  • Enable two-step verification of the identifier to log in to the Apple ID;
  • Do not use unknown sites and third-party services to recover the password for your Apple account. Contact an Apple Authorized Service Center or use the instructions to reset your password at

What should I do if your Apple ID is blocked and a paid unlock message arrives?

First of all, we recommend immediately after buying an iPhone set a password to unlock the screen. This will deprive the fraudster of the opportunity to completely block the device.

  • After receiving the message, enter the 4-digit password for unlocking the screen, set in advance;
  • Disable internet access as soon as possible. After this step, the offender can no longer delete data from the iPhone;
  • Back up your data in iTunes to prevent personal data loss.
  • Restore access to your mailbox. Take care of the further security of your email account.
  • Restore access to Apple ID by changing your password on
  • Turn on Internet access. If after turning on the Internet data was erased from the phone, activate the phone and restore the data from the backup.

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