Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

iPhone 7 debuted on September 16th. Since then, various experts subjected the smartphone to various extreme tortures.

It even turned out that, despite the promises of Apple, it is not waterproof, but despite the many negative statements, the phone is on sale.

However, recent reports that are potentially unpleasant for Apple may make the iPhone 7 unpopular.

It turns out that a fairly large group of iPhone 7 Plus users complain about the sound quality during phone calls.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus users say the sound coming from the speaker is badly distorted. Reducing the volume helps to cope with the problem, but this is a temporary solution.

Of course, not only the ports of the iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus accumulate a lot of dirt, but it can easily get into the auditory or conversational (loudspeaker) speaker. In these places, dust and dirt are collected, as a rule, from the pockets of our trousers.

Fortunately, the service is not necessary for you, and you can independently clean the dynamics of iPhone 7 from dust, dirt and even water at home.

I will give different options below to clean the front and lower speakers. from simple to complex. Everyone will be able to choose the best option for themselves.

ATTENTION: you will not believe it, but there is an application that can clean the speaker. it uses sound of a special frequency. Try it. here is the description.

Quiet speaker while talking on IPHONE 7

Very often, iPhone 7 users complain about the top earpiece. During a conversation, the caller / person who is calling us is heard very quietly, despite setting the maximum volume using the side buttons.

The problem often lies not with the loudspeaker, but with replacing the top grid of the loudspeaker.

It is recommended that you clean the speaker net with a brush or compressed air at least once a month to avoid similar problems in the future.

It is very important to carry out all maintenance professionally and not damage the LCD during repair.

Contrary to appearance, a lot of dirt can gather in the speaker. You cannot escape this without stubs.

It happens that even the most efficient equipment fails. In the case of the iPhone 7, it is sometimes damaged.

As a result, we do not hear the interlocutor in telephone or voice communications. It also happens that other sounds are incomprehensible.

In this situation, you can try to independently diagnose and repair

Clean the speaker on iPhone 7 with compressed air

Phones attract dust much more than other objects. The reason for this is the electromagnetic field created by the devices.

To get rid of dust and particles from the loudspeaker, it is good to stock up on a can of compressed air and point the nozzle horizontally towards the holes.

To clean the speakers of iphone 7 with a toothbrush or tape

You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleaning. Ports should be cleaned with light movements. This should remove dust and dirt from the holes.

You can also roll small pieces of adhesive tape into rolls so that the side with glue is facing out.

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Video: Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

Then roll them sequentially to the speaker holes. The glue surface should wipe all dirt and dust.

Use a toothpick to clean the speaker in iphone 7

Toothpicks are useful tools in fighting dirty iPhone speakers.

Only, as in everything else, you must be careful with them, ensuring that you will not put too much pressure on the thin grating.

Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

Use the tip of a toothpick to gently wipe the speaker by dragging any dirt around the edges where you can select it.

You should be able to break off pieces of dirt, although if this is difficult, you can lightly dampen the tip of the toothpick.

Be careful that the toothpick doesn’t break off, creating even more clutter on your iPhone.

Use a toothpick to gently clean in the dirt. However, you should be extremely careful when wetting a toothpick, as the liquid can very easily get behind bars and cause permanent damage.

Clean iphone 7 speakers by disassembling

Dirt, dust, water and iron filings are attracted by a magnet, as well as mechanical damage.

All this affects the operation of the iPhone 7. In the end, the speaker is not only the handset where we hear our interlocutor.

It is also multimedia and speakerphone. A similar situation applies to microphones installed in the iPhone. In the latest models, it can be three or even four microphones.

If, despite the highest volume level, the sound is still quiet, make sure that the speaker grid is not dirty.

To do this, the easiest way is to take a cosmetic stick (for example, for the ears), moisten it with alcohol, squeeze it well, make it moist but not wet and wipe the surface of the speaker.

Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

Sometimes the speaker works, but the sound is as if clicks. In this case, a membrane that is made of very thin foil is likely to be damaged.

In older models, the membrane is quite susceptible to external conditions. metal filings were attracted by a magnet magnet, cutting and destroying the membrane film.

In the iPhone 7, the earpiece is in a plastic case with an output channel, but despite this, it continues to wear out and become damaged. In case of problems with sound quality, the speaker should be replaced with a new one.

There may also be another problem associated with the lack of communication on the motherboard, which is achieved using a flexible tape for connecting speakers, but also recording microphone sound in speakerphone mode and FaceTime video camera.

Unfortunately, in this case, it is necessary to check the cause of the malfunction by trial and error by placing new elements and testing the device. If such a problem occurs, you should expect to replace the loop.

Only you are unlikely to risk replacing the loop yourself. In service, the time of such repair should not exceed 30-60 minutes.

Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

If it is necessary to replace the module with microphones, the time of such repair depends on the model. For the iPhone 6S model, including Plus models, the repair time should not exceed 30-60 minutes, but for models 7 and above, the repair time is about 2-3 hours.

Clean Iphone 6s Speaker

How to protect iphone 7 speaker from dust and dirt

Most of the available cases have a notch for the speaker of the phone, so they do not affect the sound quality.

People who often carry smartphones in their pockets or keep them in dusty places can choose a unique case.

Despite the fact that the speaker in the case is closed, the cover does not affect the quality of reproduced music and information signals.

The extremely elegant Wood Case covers are made from high quality wood and are available in a smooth and engraved version. Successes.

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