Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

Xiaomi smartphones in the mobile device market did not take a bad place, and more and more I meet people with phones of this manufacturer. And this is absolutely true, since these devices are excellent, there is simply not an ideal ratio of price and quality. Today we will talk about some tricks that most Xiaomi smartphones running on Android 5.0 with the MIUI 8 proprietary shell have.

Well, let’s take a closer look at today’s Lifehacks for Xiaomi smartphones, which we have prepared for you.

1. Carousel of wallpaper.

As soon as you pick up a smartphone and start working with it, a curious button in the upper right corner of the lock screen catches my eye. It turns out that this button launches a very interesting function. wallpaper carousel.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

From the name it immediately became clear that after activating this function, the wallpaper will begin to change on the lock screen. In other words, if you enable the wallpaper carousel function on your xiaomi smartphone, then you get access to the lock screen wallpapers from popular publications of graphic content.

I almost forgot, this function will only work correctly if you have an Internet connection.

2. Three-finger screenshot on the screen.

Yes, everyone knows that in order to take a screenshot of the screen on xiaomi smartphones (though on most other gadgets as well) you need to simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down. Another well-known method is to pull the curtain down and click on the corresponding button on the switch panel.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

I can bet that the way to get a screenshot by making a swipe with three fingers down is not known to everyone. By default, this feature is not enabled. To activate it you need to go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Screenshot and enable this function here.

3. Set your picture as wallpaper.

It’s good that the programmers thought about the user in advance and have already invested in the firmware several different pictures that can be set as wallpaper. But what if you want to set your picture as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen?

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Fortunately, we know two ways that will help us to set our own picture as wallpaper on xiaomi smartphones. Quite right, the first method involves a long press of the menu button (this is provided by firmware by default, and provided that you have not changed the parameters of the buttons). In this case, a certain menu will start, which allows you to configure the desktop, widgets, wallpapers and effects. It is here that you need to click on the Wallpaper button, after which we will see many standard, factory pictures. But we need to scroll to the left to the very end where the Others button appears, and then the usual procedure: select the file manager and specify the desired picture. After that, the system will ask you what quality wallpaper to install, it is up to you to choose.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

The second method is slightly different, for this we go to Settings / Wallpapers and do what we need. change the desktop wallpaper or lock screen. There you will find in the lower right corner a circle with a plus sign, with which you can set your picture as wallpaper. By the way, there are also settings for the wallpaper carousel, which we wrote about above.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

4. Quick access

Another useful feature that few people know about. To enable this utility, go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Quick Access and enable it. In this case, a small transparent button will appear on the screen, when pressed, five more functional buttons will open: home, menu, lock screen, screenshot and back.

Video: Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

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5. Application cloning

That’s right, application cloning, what does it mean? Imagine that you have two accounts on a social network and in order to log into one or another account, you need to constantly log out and log back in. Now this problem is resolved. Xiaomi took care of this problem and gave us the opportunity to clone applications. That’s right, now you can safely use one application for different accounts. In order to clone the program, you need to go to Settings / Cloning Applications and select which one you want to clone the application.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

After cloning the application, another icon will appear on the desktop with this application, but with a special mark.

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6. Time Lapse and Slow Motion. Camera Features

Imagine what colorful videos will turn out if you speed them up a bit (get time-lapse) or slow down?

And yet, how surprising it will be to find out that for this you do not need a computer and additional software. And all because xiaomi smartphones have such modes in the camera settings. There is one caveat, in order to shoot slow motion video, in the camera settings you need to set the quality of the HD video instead of FHD.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

Now you have a camera at your fingertips, which without any problems is able to make a time-lapse or shoot a slow motion.

7. Backup and reset

Using this settings section, you can not only drop your device to the factory settings, but also something more interesting. It turns out on xiaomi smartphones using this section you can back up system settings, account data (SMS, call log) and applications.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

Imagine how I was pleasantly surprised when I completely reflashed the smartphone from the official to the custom firmware, went into the settings and made a restoration of all the system settings! Yes, of course, before I flashed the phone, I made a backup, but still, how xiaomi managed to do it, it does not fit my head. Call log, SMS, notes, all settings: WiFi, radio, weather, cameras and more. everything is in place.

8. Keyboard

It would seem that this is not clear. And here there are no guys, and there are some tricks. I have a question for you, or rather two: how do you move the cursor and how do you delete unnecessary words? On xiaomi smartphones, all this can be done a little easier. For example, I learned to erase unnecessary words. with a gesture from the delete key, and move the cursor. with gestures on the space bar. Believe me, it has become much easier to type text on the phone.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

In order for the telephone keypad to begin to recognize these gestures, you need to go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Language and Input / Google Keyboard Settings / Continuous Input and only here you can activate these magic gestures.

9. LED indicator

Perhaps this function is familiar to most users, but still I decided to mention it. The xiaomi smartphones have a three-color LED, which, as you probably noticed, lights in different colors. But did you know that you can set almost any color yourself for notifications, calendar, missed calls or messages from applications?

That’s exactly what I did, now the missed call. I have a green indicator; notification. blue color; messages from Vkontakte. yellow, messages from Viber. purple, etc. The main thing now is not to get confused.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

Where to adjust the color of the LED indicator? Go to Settings / Advanced Settings / LED control. this is where I set the display color. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that applications are configured individually in their own settings.

10. One-handed operation

Have you ever had to use one hand on a smartphone with a diagonal of more than 5 inches? And indeed, it’s not very easy, especially if you have a small palm! Fortunately, the Chinese friends also foresaw this. Of course, the phone does not transform and does not decrease, but the manufacturer added an excellent opportunity. one-handed operation.

Clear Xiaomi Redmi 5a Call Log

What does it mean? And this means that suddenly you needed to use one hand (for example, you are driving or carrying a heavy bag), you can activate the control mode with one hand with a flick of the thumb. To do this, just hold your thumb away from the center button on the bottom panel of the touch buttons. If you did everything correctly, the system will ask: Enter the control mode with one hand? And after confirmation, the working area of ​​the screen will immediately decrease (by default, to 4 ″). In the settings, it is possible to either reduce this size or increase it.

Agree, now it is much easier to use a smartphone with one hand! To exit this mode, just lock the device or tap out of the zone (outside the reduced working area).

Do not judge us strictly, perhaps most of you already knew everything about these tricks. And maybe for someone it will come in handy, and if so, it means that we have not wasted our time writing this post.

Describe in the comments below if this article has brought you any benefit.

Stay with us, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

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