Configure Huawei P Smart How to Configure

All Huawei smartphones use their own EMUI graphical shell. This abbreviation is derived from the Emotion User Interface, which means “emotional interface”. The latest version of EMUI has received many useful changes and improvements, but not all users still like the shell.

In today’s article, we will tell you how to fix this and make the EMUI even more user-friendly and convenient.


Disable the display of the operator name in the status bar

If you are annoyed by the display of the operator’s name in the upper left corner of the smartphone, you can turn off this feature. This action will not lead to any negative consequences. To do this, go to Settings > Notification Panel and Status Bar > Display the name of the operator, and turn the switch off.

If your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, you can use it to activate various functions

The fingerprint scanner is very convenient for safely unlocking your smartphone, but few people know that it can also be used to activate various functions.

In order to see all the features of the fingerprint scanner, go to Settings > Fingerprint.

The most useful scanner function, in our opinion, is to swipe the sensor from top to bottom, with which you can open the notification panel. In addition, you can view photos by swiping left or right. Holding your finger on the sensor for several seconds, you can take a photo, or answer a call. Recall that each of these functions can be individually enabled or disabled in the Settings section. > Fingerprint.

Check performance settings

Configure Huawei P Smart How to Configure

Unlike most smartphones running the bare Android operating system, Huawei smartphones allow you to select a priority power management scheme, highlighting the performance of the device or its battery life. A similar feature is in the Windows operating system, and it can significantly save battery power.

To check these settings, go to Settings > Advanced settings > Battery manager > Power scheme.

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For example, the “Maximum Power Saving” mode disables most functions of the smartphone, leaving you only the ability to make calls. This function will probably come in handy if your smartphone is exhausted and there is no outlet nearby.

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By choosing the “Performance” mode, you can get the maximum performance of the device in demanding games and applications, and by choosing the “Smart” mode, let the smartphone decide when to work at full power and when not.

Change branded EMUI icons to stock Android

Configure Huawei P Smart How to Configure

In the latest versions of EMUI, you can’t configure application icons, but if you own a smartphone with an older version of the software, you probably saw that some icons look like in stock Android. If you want to change the EMUI brand icons to stock ones, just install the Stockify theme for EMUI.

Download Stockify theme for EMUI from Google Play Market:

Set up scaling of information on the screen

Configure Huawei P Smart How to Configure

In some large Huawei smartphones, such as, for example, the P9 Plus, you can select a mode when activated, more or less information will be displayed on the screen.

In order to check which mode is installed on your smartphone, and if necessary select another, go to Settings > Screen. For example, in the "Large" mode, text and other information on the smartphone screen will look as large as possible. In the "Small" mode, the maximum amount of information will be displayed on the screen, but the text and other elements will be small. If you don’t like any of these modes, select Medium from the list.

The tune of these modes is very similar to the zoom function built into Android 7.0 Nougat.

Configure Protected Applications

Configure Huawei P Smart How to Configure

As we said above, in the EMUI shell there are energy-saving modes, when activated, the operation of many applications stops.

If you want any applications to remain active when the smartphone screen turns off, go to Settings > Advanced settings > Battery manager > Protected applications and choose from the list of programs that will not be disabled.

Note that most popular messaging applications are on the default protected list, but still we recommend that you check this list again.

Do you have Huawei smartphone owners among you? What other secrets do you know? Share your tips and tricks with us!

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