Configuring A Router (Pppoe Connection)

Configuring A Router (Pppoe Connection)

This manual will describe a universal way to connect the router to the Internet using the PPPoE protocol. Providers Dom.Ru, TTK, SevenSky, NetByNet, LanPort, InternetCom, Gorkom, Iskra Telecom, Maryino.Net, Smile 🙂 and others. The manual is suitable for any router model. differences will occur only in the name and design of the settings sections in the administrator menu of the router.

Router setup

1. Insert the cable from the provider into the WAN port on the router (blue color), and the Ethernet cable that came with the router — into the computer at one end and the other into any LAN port on the router (yellow).

2. On a PC running Windows 7, and in other OSs by analogy, open the network settings section: Start => Control Panel => Network and Internet => Network and Sharing Center => Network Connection Management => Changes to adapter settings.

We right-click on the item “Local Area Connection”, go to “Properties” and then to the section “Internet Protocol Version 4” and check the boxes “Get IP automatically” and “Get DNS server address automatically” Apply and save.

3. On the router case we find the IP address for entering the administrative mode (usually this is, and log and pass (usually the username is admin, the password is empty or admin).

4. Next, in the browser on the computer, in the address bar, specify the IP address of the router, in the pop-up window enter the login and password, are indicated on the back cover of the router.

5. We find in the router menu the item “WAN” or “Internet”

6. Select the "WAN" submenu in the "Network" menu. The type of connection is indicated by “PPPoE / Russia PPPoE”. Password and username. we take from the contract with the provider. We save all the changes and preferably restart the router.

7. It happens that the provider in the settings of your Internet connection is tied to the MAC address of a previously connected other PC. Then in the admin "Clone from the computer" this address.

It happens that there is no such function, then the MAC address will have to be specified manually. To do this, go to the “Network Connections” section on the computer in the control panel, open “Local Area Connection” and click the “Properties” button. We see “Physical Address”. this is the address you are looking for, which should be specified in the settings of the router.

We save the changes on the router and reboot it.

8. Find the “Wireless Settings” section and write your values ​​for:

  • Security Feature. WPA2-Personal
  • Encryption Method. AES / TKIP
  • Password. for Wi-Fi (at least 8 characters)

9. Next, connect to Wi-Fi using any device with a Wi-Fi adapter. And use it!