Configuring The Printer Through A Router

Configuring The Printer Through A Router

Let’s look at the question: "How to connect a printer through a router?". Connecting a printer through a router is carried out in several ways:

  1. Connection via a USB cable of the printer and router;
  2. Connection via wifi network.

Connect and configure the printer via a USB cable

The first thing we need to do is find the download and install the drivers on our network printer. In my example, I will consider the ASUS router. The necessary drivers are usually provided upon purchase with a CD-ROM. If there is no such driver, then you need to find the necessary drivers for the printer on the website of your manufacturer. Then connect it to the router by cable.

Not all router models support printer connection. In more detail with this information you need to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s website, or in the manual for the device. Despite the fact that there is only one USB cable, after connecting and setting up to one computer, you can easily, through this network connection, make this printer public for other computers that are also connected to this wifi router via a wireless network. You can familiarize yourself with how to connect via cable in this article:

About setting up a network connection, after you have connected the router and printer using a USB cable, you can familiarize yourself in this article:

And so we turned on the printer, turned on the router, connected it with a USB cable, then we need to go into the settings of the router. How to enter the web interface of the router, we have already said once in other articles, you can search our site and find a detailed manual on this topic. In short, as a rule, the login address in the browser is 192. 168. 1.1

Open the browser, enter in the address bar

You can specify this address on the back label of the modem itself or the box from the ASUS router, also from your provider. The username and password for entering the router settings is usually the word admin and the password is also admin.

Next, you need to enter the login and password from the router, in my case it is admin \ admin

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After you have entered the device interface, the network map tab. Once again make a reservation that not all routers can support your model, so you need to make sure that your model is supported by the ASUS wifi router. As a rule, this information is contained in the documentation, how can a router flashing possibly help.

After connecting to the modem, you need to configure network access, for this, go to the control panel, open the device view, then click add printer, if it doesn’t appear in the list, click on the link “the required printer is not in the list”.

Select "add local printer"

We select click “Next”, select the TCP / IP Port device, then enter the ip address of the wifi device, the one that you used to enter the router (For ASUS).

Configuring The Printer Through A Router

We are waiting for a device search, select ours. If the device is not found, click “Next” and we will need to set the port parameters, select a special one, select the LPR protocol in the window that opens, enter any name and queue name, click “OK”.

Now we select the drivers of our manufacturers, or use the downloaded driver, or a CD-ROM.

You can also use Windows Update. We check on this the print settings are complete, for the ability to print from other computers using this printer, you must repeat this procedure on other PCs that are connected to your wifi.

Connecting a printer via a wifi router network

To configure, we again need drivers from the printer to the computer. After that, you will need to make some settings for our network printer and router, which provides network operation between these devices. We have already told similar examples and you can familiarize yourself with them in this article:

On this we have finished setting up the printer through a router. A wifi connection is no different from a USB connection, you also need to connect a modem and computer connection, and then install the necessary drivers for it on your computer.

Setup via wifi will help to print from all mobile devices in your apartment or office.

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