Connect Airpods To A Computer Or Laptop On Windows 7, 8, 10

Connect Airpods To A Computer Or Laptop On Windows 7, 8, 10

Apple AirPods wireless headset is one of the best-selling on the market, because these headphones are practical and comfortable compared to their counterparts. They produce the highest quality sound and work stably with devices from Apple, but they can also be connected to Android devices. Easy to connect your AirPods to your computer. They will work perfectly with a PC based on the Windows operating system, if it has a Bluetooth modem.

What you need to connect AirPods to a PC

  1. Bluetooth tethering
  2. Necessary drivers on your device.
  3. Your PC or laptop must support a wireless headset connection.

Instructions for connecting AirPods to a computer or laptop on Windows 7, 8, 10

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth function on our device.
  2. We pair the headphones with the device.
  3. On the case (and charger at the same time), press the button and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  4. Wait for the indicator to light up near the button on the charging box. This blinking indicates that the headphones and the PC / laptop have completed the process of identifying each other.
  5. All that’s left is the standard procedure for connecting a regular wireless headset to your device.

Photo: connection indicator

Disadvantages of connecting to a PC

In principle, we figured out how to connect AirPods to Windows 7, 8, 10, but in the process some troubles may arise. After all, when AirPods are connected to devices that are not owned by Apple, they get limited functionality. The user will not be able to:

  • view the charging status of the headphones on the device screen;
  • Take advantage of the quick switch function between different devices.

If you connect AirPods to Apple and Android devices, you can use the touch panel functionality, but in the case of a PC or laptop, the touch panel will not work. But despite this, the headphones in any case will work stably, and the sound quality will be at their best.

What other devices can I connect AirPods to

Also, in addition to devices on Windows, you can connect your Apple wireless headphones to any other device that has a Bluetooth function. Be it a tablet, iWatch, PDA, Android phone or other OS.

What to do if a problem occurs

Although Apple promises us the stable operation of AirPods even when pairing them with other devices, various problems may occur. In order to get rid of these problems, you need to restart your headphones. The reboot algorithm for this model of headphones:

  • you need to hold down the button on the charging case for a certain time until the amber color indicator flashes;
  • After the indicator is on, close the cover of the charging box;
  • after that, just re-pair.

Now you know how to connect your Apple AirPods to a laptop or PC and use them to the maximum.