Connect Airpods To Various Devices

Connect Airpods To Various Devices

AirPods wireless headphones have been well received by customers. The huge merit in such success is due to the engineers of Apple.

For the first time, among competitors, they achieved stable sound transmission in a small band and without significant loss in sound quality. But the main merit is perfect usability, which every day gives us positive emotions from use.

How to connect AirPods to iPhone

First of all, we need an iPhone with iOS 10 or later. Wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth, so you need to make sure that iPhone is turned on Bluetooth.

Next, Apple’s proprietary magic takes effect, you open the AirPods case by placing it next to the iPhone and that’s it! Headphones will appear on the iPhone screen with a beautiful animated splash screen. You will need to click the "Connect" button. After that, you can enjoy great sound when playing music from your iPhone. The same connection method occurs when you connect an iPad or iPod Touch.

Connect AirPods to another iPhone or Android smartphone

Many questions arise when connecting AirPods to an Android phone or other iPhone. If you place your AirPods next to another iPhone, the message “Not Your AirPods” will appear instead of the “Connect” button.

In order to connect AirPods, you need to perform several actions. First of all, make sure that all the headphones are in the case.

Then keep the cover open and hold the button on the back of the case until the indicator flashes white. On the device on which you plan to play music, go to the Bluetooth settings and connect to the AirPods device.

How to connect AirPods to MacBook, Apple Watch or Apple TV

In fact, as well as to any other device. Open the cover and hold the button on the back of the case until the white LED starts flashing.

But there are important features when connecting other Apple gadgets. If you are logged into iCloud on the necessary devices, then the configuration is no longer required. Connection takes a matter of seconds.

Connect AirPods to two iPhones

Apple intends to use a maximum of one device, as indicated by the characteristics data. But in practice, using AirPods with two different devices at the same time is possible. To do this, you need to get both headphones from the case and connect to one iPhone. After that, the remaining earphone must be hidden back in the case, and the second should be connected to another iPhone.