Connect Iphone To Computer Via Usb

Connect Iphone To Computer Via Usb

Charging the iPhone, as well as managing all files can occur using a computer, and for this it is not necessary to install iTunes. To connect, you need a USB cable that matches the phone model.

Connect iPhone to PC via USB

Despite the rapidly evolving wireless technology, USB cables are still used in all iPhone models. They allow you to charge the device from adapters with different capacities, as well as synchronize with your computer. The wire can even be used to transfer an Internet connection.

USB cable selection

Unlike most Android devices, different iPhone models use different USB cables. Older versions up to the iPhone 4S were connected to the PC with a cable with a 30-pin connector.

In 2012, an innovative and more compact USB cable appeared – Lightning. It is still the standard in the newest models, including the corresponding jack used to connect headphones. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 5 or later, connect the device only using Lightning.

First connection

The first time, connecting a smartphone to a new computer, the user will receive a question about whether to trust this PC. If you click "Do not trust", It will be impossible to view and edit data on the iPhone. In this case, the phone will only charge. We will analyze clearly how to properly connect via USB.

Please note that to synchronize the device with a PC, iTunes is required, which can be downloaded from the link below.

    Download and open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. In the window that appears, click "Continue".

On the phone, tap on "Trust".

Click on the device icon in the top menu to proceed to the connection settings.

Go to the section "Overview" and set up an important function: creating backups. Here we are interested in creating copies of iCloud, which occurs automatically once a day when the smartphone is actively connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and the iPhone should be charged. If you wish, you can create a backup manually. To do this, click “Create a copy now”.

To store backups on a PC and regularly update them when connected, you must enable the corresponding functions. Go down a bit and check the boxes next to such items as: “Sync automatically if iPhone is connected” and “Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi”. Click on Done to complete the setup.

Connect without iTunes

You can manage files on your iPhone using a computer without using the standard iTunes program. Windows Explorer will help us with this.

See also: Launching Explorer in Windows 7 / Windows 10

Using this method, you can only view photos and videos on your iPhone through Explorer, as well as copy data to yourself on your PC. Files cannot be deleted or edited.

    Connect the unlocked phone to the computer via the USB cable and press "Allow" when a notification appears on the iPhone screen.

After that, in the section "Devices and drives" iPhone appears in Explorer.

To view the necessary files, the user needs to go to a specific folder. Click "Internal Storage".

Go to the folder DCIM.

Click on "100APPLE". In this folder, you can sort the files by the date of creation or change for more comfortable work.

File managers

Replacing Tunes with a full set of similar functions can be a third-party file manager. For example, iTools or iFunBox. Connection and synchronization in these programs is quick and does not even require a password.

In several of our articles, we examined in detail how to work in file managers for iOS. We advise you to read.

Modem mode

The USB cable is not only used for charging and synchronizing with a computer. With it, you can organize Internet access for PC. This function is called "Modem Mode". It works both via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and via cable.

    Connect the smartphone to the computer and go to "Settings".

Choose a section "Modem Mode".

In the next tab, activate the function by moving the switch to the right. If the PC is automatically connected to the network, a special panel will appear at the top of the screen, which shows the number of connections.

Connect Iphone To Computer Via Usb
  • If the PC does not automatically connect to an available network, go to List of Network Services in the settings and find your iPhone device.
  • Confidence Cancellation

    Sometimes a user needs to revoke a certain computer’s trust in order to prevent him from managing smartphone files. To do this, it is not necessary to reconnect the iPhone to the PC, just go to the settings.

    The trust function is reset immediately for all computers that previously synchronized with the device.

      Open iPhone settings.

    Go to the section "Basic".

    Scroll to the end of the list and find the item "Reset".

    Choose Reset Geo Settings.

    Enter the password code to confirm your actions. After that click "Reset settings" in the menu that appears. A device reboot is not required. Do not worry, all data will remain on your device. After this procedure, you only need to again allow applications access to geodata, as these settings are reset.

    Connection errors

    When connecting an iPhone to a computer rarely, but there are problems with synchronization. This is most often seen in iTunes. Apple recommends constantly updating iOS, as well as iTunes itself to the latest version to avoid errors. However, the matter may be in the malfunction of the smartphone itself. Read more about the problems when connecting the iPhone to the PC in the next article.

    The performance of Windows also affects the successful connection of iPhone to PC. You can also find out about this in our article and try to solve the problem on your own.

    Wired technologies are now inferior in efficiency and convenience to wireless. However, in certain situations, a USB cable can help connect and sync iPhone with PC when there is no Internet or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not working.

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