Connect Ps4 To Monitors (Tvs)

Connect Ps4 To Monitors (Tvs)

From scratch, nothing arises. And although this thought is attributed to one or the other thinker, who are now very divorced, each person has understood it for many millennia and does not require proof.

As for the interest of users regarding the connection of PS4 to the monitor of a PC or laptop, which is confirmed by the analysis of search queries, this is due to the fact that computers continue to conquer the space around us and this process can not stop yet. Let’s consider how to connect the PS4 to the monitor, laptop, and whether it is possible to connect the Playstation 4 game console to the TV.

Connections foreseen

The developer provides the possibility of joint operation of the set-top box with a TV and remotely (streaming pictures) from a PC (laptop or smartphone with Android OS).


The game station is connected to a modern TV equipped with an HDMI connector without any problems. Before you connect your PlayStation 4, just make sure you have identical connectors and cable the two devices.

PS4 connection via HDMI


Version 3.50 introduced an additional feature that allows players to enjoy PS4 games on devices in Windows or Mac environments through connecting a PS4 to the monitor using a special program and using the Internet.

In order to achieve this, you first need to install the official Remote Play utility on the device (PC or smartphone). Then:

  • Log in to your PS Network account
  • For a smoother display of changing storyboards, set a higher resolution.

Moving to the console:

  • in the "Settings" of remote playback enable it;
  • in the "Settings" account activate the console as the main system;
  • in the “Settings” of the standby mode, save “Internet” and allow the station to be turned on through the network;
  • Finally, returning to the PC, start the application, which will find the station attached to the account and offer to dial the access PIN.

Now it remains only to connect the joystick via USB and start the game.

Other connections

Since the developer does not bother to search for a variety of procedures for successfully displaying the game picture from the console on the screen of other devices, our team will act as a consultant on this issue.

Computer or laptop without HDMI

If you use the unofficial program Remote Play (from the Internet resource Remote_Play_PC_v0.105_Test- [PC-RET]), you can move the image of the game from the PS4 prefix to the computer monitor or on the laptop screen.

Using Remote Play

Your steps will be as follows:

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  • downloading and installing the utility;
  • unpacking a set of files;
  • installation of the setup file from the administrator.
  • The file “RemotePlay.exe” must be moved from the directory “Crack_PC-RET” to the directory of the installed utility.
  • Do the same with the file “” from the APK directory.
  • After the initial launch, you need to immediately set the required frame rate of 60, as shown below.
  • Next, allow remote use of the console.
  • Enter the pin and the console account (obtaining the pin code is described in the "Streaming" section of this article).
  • Connecting devices.
  • The appearance of the picture with the image of the console indicates the correctness of all steps.

This method of connecting the PlayStation 4 to a computer monitor or laptop allows you to activate the keyboard and mouse.


Connecting a game station to a laptop without using additional software is associated with the solution of problems arising along the way.

The first of these is the lack of an HDMI input on the laptop (there is only an output).

This can be solved by using an adapter plugged into a laptop with a USB port. However, with such a connection, the image quality you will be extremely dissatisfied.

Connect Ps4 To Monitors (Tvs)

TV, monitor

Connecting the PS4 console to displays (TVs) begins by looking for the desired connector on them.

They come in several forms.

Currently used in this kind of technology is the HDMI connector. Since your set-top box has exactly the same connection, the connection will not be difficult (see the "TV via HDMI" section of this article).

HDMI adapter for connecting PS4

Another common use is the twenty-four pin DVI connector. If there is such a connector on the video device, you will need a HDMI-DVI converter adapter (with such a connection, the picture will not shine with quality and there is a question of sound that is not transmitted via DVI).

DVI Connector 24 Pins

On the connected monitor, an antediluvian connector can also be installed. a type of VGA. Connecting the PS4 to the monitor via VGA is also carried out using the appropriate adapter adapter.

A special factor in the implementation of the task of outputting images from the console to the monitor is to obtain the soundtrack of the game.

If the monitor has built-in speakers, then this question is removed.

However, for owners of the PS4 prefix, the good news is that they can perceive sound through headphones. there is no need for an additional solution to this problem through adapters or cables.

Headphones Gold Wireless Glacier White

After reading our article, you will have no problems connecting the PS4 console to monitors, displays or computers. Connect and use consoles in a new quality.

Read our next articles, ask us new questions, share your experience in the comments.

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