Connecting A Wifi Router To Two Computers

Connecting A Wifi Router To Two Computers

Hello dear readers. Today’s topic of the article will be: wifi setup on two laptops using a tp link router.

Wireless Wifi Internet is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Using a simple Wi-Fi access point, we access the Internet from almost any mobile device.

Now we will take a closer look at how wifi is configured using an example.

Before you configure the wifi connection on computers, you need to configure the wifi router connection.

1 Configuring a wifi router by tp link

Connecting the router begins with connecting the device to the computer via any LAN port. An Internet Ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port.

Next, go through any browser to the address the address of the router, configured by default. This is the default address. Usually it is indicated on the router itself, as well as a login with a password.

Configuring a tp link router also requires entering a password and login on the page that opens. By default, the password consists of the numbers 12345, and the word admin is used as the username. They are mainly used for most tp link wifi router settings.

Next, select Static IP in the WAN tab. At the conclusion of the contract, the user receives the settings. They need to be used to fill in the field that appears on the screen. This is also valid for any wifi router setup.

After the steps described above, go to the Wireless tab. Then select the item Wireless Settings. Turn on the wireless security by checking the box below. Enable Wireless Settings.

When connecting, the authentication password will be used. You must enter it after you select WPA2 \ WPA encryption.

Button Save settings allows you to save your settings. As you can see, this button is present at any wifi setting.

On other routers, the settings are not much different. If you have a router d link or another manufacturer, then you can read the articles:

2 Configuring a wifi network on two computers

After we configured tp link wi-fi router, it’s time to start wifi configuration on Windows XP. Similarly, you can configure wifi on Windows 7.

For work, we need two PCs, with WI-FI adapters built into them, like in laptops, for example. This connection mode is called Ad-hoc.

Let’s try to figure out the WI-FI network setup option for sharing the Internet between two computers, in the case when the Internet is connected to only one of them.

The WI-FI network setup is the same for two PCs. We will consider separately the configuration of one of the computers only when it differs from the WI-FI settings of the second.

We begin to configure WI-FI from any of the PCs.

We use the connection properties displayed on the desktop icon or in the control panel.

If the adapter is turned off, you must enable it using the program. (See. Figure). Make sure that the WI-FI network card on the laptop is also turned on via the button. When the network card is turned off, it is not possible to configure a WI-FI network between two PCs.

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To configure WIFI on Windows XP, you need to go to the network connection properties.

You should configure the IP address on the local network for our two computers. There are differences in the configuration of the two computers in this paragraph.

Open "Properties" network connection.
In the window that opens, in the field “TCP / IP Protocol”, click on "Properties".

We configure the IP address.

We insist IP address: for one PC and for a second PC. We leave the mask under the network by default. for both computers.

The remaining two points are necessary for us in case of access to the Internet only through the first computer. These two connection points are configured on the second PC. Performing these two settings is not necessary if you are using only WI-FI.
Setting the main gateway. here we indicate the IP address of the first PC.

In point "Preferred DNS server" it is required to indicate the value of DNS, which depends on the provider of the Internet network. You can see the DNS server in the provider settings. After entering all the data, click "OK".
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2.1 Internet Sharing

Go to the tab "Advanced" and check the box for network sharing as in the picture below.

By clicking the “OK” button, the program should report a loss of communication in the local network and the assignment of the IP address previously assigned by us. Click on "OK". The program will not change this IP address anyway.

Before clicking "OK" try to remember how you came to this place. here you can enable and disable, as well as configure “Windows Firewall”.

Next, go to the tab "Wireless network".
Choose Add and perform all the settings suggested by the window: "Network name". choose any one you like. We indicate at the bottom. this is a direct connection.

Uncheck the box opposite “The network key is provided automatically”, which will give us the right to enter to set it manually.

We introduce "Network Key" and confirm it. Character Size in "Key" from 5 to 12. Enter a simple word that is easy to remember and use to set up a second PC.
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2.2 Configuring automatic connection to a given network

So that two computers “see” each other, as soon as they connect to the network, go to the tab Connections and tick "Automatic connection".

Then, press the button "OK", which will allow us to save everything. This is where the setup for our first computer ends. We are doing the same thing for the second PC, except for the differences mentioned earlier.

How do I know if Wi-Fi setup was successful? After setting up both PCs, you should see the wireless connection icon located on the panel on the right.

If you don’t find such an icon, you should check:

– Is the Wi-Fi adapter on computers enabled?

– check the accuracy of the implementation of the instructions. Pay particular attention to key entry on both computers.

– is there an IP connection?

Create ping directed to the address from the computer with the address On the first PC, press the button "Start", in the window that opens, write the CMD program and click "OK".

A black window appears on the screen, in which we write ping, and then click ENTER.

Ping to the address from the computer with the address does not pass with the correct answer? Means that ping to the address you still don’t. Try using ping on the address

Be careful not to confuse computers. If you ping to your address, you will ping yourself as a result &# 128578;

Existing ping on at least one of the PCs means that Wi-Fi is up and running as required. And the problems that arise are only due to the Firewall settings or the incorrect IP, gateway or DNS settings.

In general, a few attentive actions and setting up a wifi connection will pass without any problems. Good luck &# 128578;

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