Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

We reveal the undocumented capabilities of the USB port for iDevices. All here.

The USB. Lightning adapter has been around for a long time, but few know about it. At the end of last year after the release of iOS 9.2, the description of this model was updated on the official website and the list of supported devices was expanded. Now you can use the accessory with almost any iPhone and iPad.

The official description reads:

Other opportunities at Apple are silent. And in vain, because the adapter taxis and can really make life easier.

Connecting flash drives

What for: expand the memory of iPhone and iPad.

There is never much memory, especially on a mobile device. Often you want to add a few gigabytes to store photos or videos. For such cases, special Lightning flash drives from third-party manufacturers, for example, PQI iConnect or JetDrive Go 300, are perfect.

A simple flash drive connected via a USB. Lightning adapter will have a number of limitations. Not every drive will want to work without additional power, especially modern high-capacity flash drives. Another advantage of specialized solutions is a separate application that allows you to read and write to the media any type of data.

In the case of a regular flash drive, you will have to be content with just watching photos and videos in a compatible format. For files to be recognized, they must be on the path DCIM> 100DICAM, and have the names DSC_0001, DSC_0002, etc.

Memory card connection

Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

What for: View photos captured on the camera on a large screen.

With this use of the adapter, there will be both positive and negative points. Almost any memory cards are recognized, the files that will be stored on them will not need to be called in a specific way (if they are really captured on the camera). Unfortunately, in addition to the USB-Lightning adapter, a special card reader is required.

Connect an external drive

Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

Video: Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

What for: hard to imagine.

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With external drives, the situation is no better than with USB flash drives. There are restrictions on the file format and their name, drives often require power even more than flash drives. Models with external power can be recognized by an Apple smartphone or tablet, but no one will give a 100% guarantee.

Well, imagine a connection scheme in which an external drive is connected to the iPhone via USB. Lightning, and the drive itself receives energy from a network adapter or Power Bank. Just awful!

Keyboard connection

Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

What for: to write letters, messages, articles and even novels on your favorite device.

Strange, but the wireless connection with the bluetooth keyboard looks quite logical, and the wired “keyboard” looks unusual from the iPhone and iPad.

If for a number of reasons it’s not possible to take a full-fledged laptop with you, and the wireless keyboard has not yet been purchased, the adapter will help you to “make friends” with almost any wired input device with your Apple smartphone or tablet.

Connecting a MIDI Synthesizer

Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

What for: to turn a smartphone or tablet into a musical instrument.

Some professional manufacturers of audio accessories have already released mixing consoles, microphone preamps and instruments with the ability to connect through Lightning. Most of the similar models with a USB port will be able to work with Apple technology through the USB adapter. Lightning.

To work, you need special software. There are a lot of suitable applications in the App Store, even Apple itself offers such functions in the GarageBand program.

USB Microphone Connection

Connecting Flash Drives To Iphone 5 S

What for: to turn an Apple mobile device into a portable recording studio.

The USB interface has become one of the standards for connecting microphones to modern technology. Most bloggers and amateur vocalists use devices with a USB port to record voice directly on the computer. Using the familiar adapter, most microphone models can be connected to an iPhone or iPad.

Already want, give two!

Now that the usefulness of the Apple accessory has grown significantly in the eyes of most users, it’s time to find out about the price of the brand new Apple Lightning to USB adapter. You can buy an accessory for 2,290 rubles.

I suggest in the comments to share other devices that you managed to “make friends” with the iPhone and iPad using the USB adapter. Lightning.

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