Connecting Wi-Fi On An Iphone Setting Up The Internet On A Locked Device

Connecting Wi-Fi On An Iphone Setting Up The Internet On A Locked Device

The World Wide Web has long been a necessity for everyone, and iPhone owners are no exception. Connecting the Internet via WiFi is convenient in many plans, but sometimes there are problems with a wireless connection. This article describes how to connect your Apple smartphone to an open, secure or hidden Wi-Fi network, and how to solve common connection problems.

Instructions for setting up and turning on Wi-Fi on an iPhone of different versions

Apple smartphones are distinguished by the fact that even for long-announced models, the company releases current updates.

As a rule, in the next version of iOS, changes that are visible to the user relate to device performance, affect the design of menus, icons, or present completely new features. Connecting to WiFi on iPhone on different versions and with different operating systems is the same.

iPhone 4 and 4S

For these devices, the latest version of iOS is 7 and 9, respectively. In terms of Wi-Fi connectivity, they are no different.

How to connect wi-fi on the fourth iPhone? To do this, you need to run any program that requires access to the Internet. Next, the phone will automatically display a menu with available networks and a proposal to connect via Wi-Fi. After that, in the list, select the name of the Wi-Fi installed on the home router, enter the password, click "Join" ("Connect").

In case of connecting to public or public networks, preliminary authorization may be required (the browser will automatically redirect to the page where you will need to enter the phone number and send the code from SMS). You may need to manually register the IP address, specific DNS, or configure proxies on an iPhone, but this is extremely rare.

iPhone 5 and 5S

The tenth version of iOS is the last for the 5th iPhone, for version 5s the last supported one is the twelfth. Connecting to Wi-Fi on both versions is the same according to the following scheme:

  1. First you need to click the “Home” button. After that, the main screen will appear.
  2. Next, go to the “Settings” item.
  3. In the menu that opens, find the “Wi-Fi” item, click it. This will bring up the wireless settings menu.
  4. If the Wi-Fi connection is turned off, the switch will be white with the inscription “Off”. Then it is necessary to move the switch to the active position (“On” or “On”), after which it will turn blue.
  5. Next, the phone will offer “Choose a Network” from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. They will be located by signal level (the higher the name, the better the signal). A padlock sign means that the wifi is password protected.
  6. To connect to a specific network, you must click on its name. If it is not protected, the connection will occur automatically without requesting a security key from the user.
  7. When connected to a secure Network, the “Enter Password” window will appear. There you will need to enter the Wi-Fi security key.
  8. At the end of the setting, click "Join" ("Connect")

Important: if the iPhone remembers the Network, the connection will occur automatically when the device is in range. To prevent this from happening, disconnect the iPhone from the wireless Network, click the icon to the right of its name in the Wi-Fi window. In the window, click “Forget this Network”. In the dialog that opens, click “Forget”.

iPhone 7

The setup instructions will be the same as for the 5th iPhone. It is worth noting that on the 7th iPhone there may be problems with the use of WiFi, since the module can be completely disabled through the “Settings” item.

iPhone SE

The Wi-Fi setup on the SE iPhone is the same with the 7th iPhone, with the 5th and 5s.

Connect your iPhone to different types of Wi-Fi networks through a router

Consider connecting to different types of Network.

Connect iPhone to a secure network

To connect an iPhone to a wireless network that is password protected, you must:

  • Open the “Settings” item, go to the “Wi-Fi” item.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi module switch is active.
  • Find the necessary Network, click on it. If it is protected, an image of the castle will be nearby.
  • Next, enter the security key, click "Join" ("Connect").
  • If everything is done correctly, a wireless icon will appear at the top left of the display. The Wi-Fi menu reopens. A blue checkmark appears next to the name of the connected Wi-Fi on the iPhone

Important: if the password is entered incorrectly, the “Join” button will not turn on.

Connect iPhone to Hidden Network

Since hidden Networks are not displayed in the list of available ones, the user may not understand how to enable WiFi on an iPhone in such a situation. But in order to establish a connection via WiFi, just find out the exact name (SSID) of Wi-Fi and perform the following steps:

  1. Open “Settings”, then click “Wi-Fi”.
  2. If the Wi-Fi module is off, turn the switch to the active position.
  3. Under the list of available networks, find the word “Other”, click on it.
  4. In the menu that appears, enter the exact name of the wireless network (in the "Name" or "Name" field), then click on the word "None" in the "Security" field.
  5. A list of different types of security opens (WPA, WPA2, and so on). You must select the type that is registered in the settings of the router that distributes the hidden Wi-Fi. Then – return to the previous paragraph, to do this, click "Other Network", or "Another Network").
  6. Enter the security key in the "Security" field.
  7. Click “Join”.
  8. Immediately after this, a blue checkmark will appear next to the name of the connected wifi. The Wi-Fi icon will appear in the status bar in the upper left corner of the display.

How to connect Wi-Fi automatically on iPhone

Everything is simple here. At the very first connection to a Wi-Fi, an iPhone will require you to enter a security key. If the connection is successful, the device will save the password automatically and you will not need to re-enter the data. The iPhone will establish a connection every time it enters the coverage area of ​​a saved network.

Turn on Wi-Fi on a locked iPhone

Sometimes a question may arise, how to turn on the Internet on a locked iPhone. Situations may be different. For example, on iOS 10, when you lock the screen, the Wi-Fi connection icon may disappear. In this case, there is nothing to worry about, since the smartphone is actually connected to the Wireless Network and exchanges data with it in the background, so it will not block WiFi. If it is necessary for notifications to come, you can correct the situation through the configuration of energy saving parameters.

It may happen that the iPhone will be blocked due to incorrect password entry, and the device contains data that urgently needs to be transmitted via the Internet. In this case, you can restore access to the device data using “iTunes”, “Aiklaud” or using the recovery mode.

Unlock via iTunes:

  • Connect the iPhone to “iTunes”, click “Create a copy now” (if there is no backup).
  • Click the "Restore iPhone" button.
  • Then click Restore from Copy. After that, the iPhone will ask for the password itself, and then it can be used as usual.

Unlock via iCloud:

  1. Go to, enter “Apple ID”.
  2. Select "Find iPhone", go to "All devices", select the one you want to unlock.
  3. Click "Erase iPhone" (then the smartphone will go through the recovery process).
  4. Install backup on the device, enter a new password.

Through recovery mode

  • Connect the phone to “iTunes”, enter the device into recovery mode (hold down the power button and “Home”, hold until the “iTunes” logo is displayed on the screen).
  • Click on the “Restore” button in the menu that appears on the computer monitor.
  • When the recovery is completed, download the backup, set the password again.

Possible problems when you turn on and configure the Network and how to resolve them

I almost managed to figure out the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on an iPhone. But sometimes unforeseen errors occur that prevent you from establishing a wifi connection.

Possible problems connecting iPhone to Wi-Fi:

  1. Error "No network", a long connection is established.
  2. When connected to the network, the message “Invalid password” appears.
  3. Insecure network error.
  4. Inactive wifi switch in the settings.

The algorithm for solving problems is almost always the same. First of all, you need to make sure that the iPhone is in the range of the router, and the router itself is powered by a power supply and is connected to the Internet through the provider’s cable.

Further, if the problem persists, you need to restart the phone, simultaneously holding down the Home and Power buttons, and the router. Disable and enable the device is in turn (first the router, then the phone). Then you should check your Internet connection on other devices. If the problem is related to the settings of the iPhone itself, you should “forget the network” and reconnect to it, try resetting the iPhone to factory settings.

As a rule, as a result of the actions performed, the device starts to work correctly, and it does not need to be configured for a long time.

Sometimes the inconvenience to users is the situation when their device constantly sends a request for WiFi connection to the iPhone. In this case, it is enough to disable the “Connection Request” item in the “Wi-Fi” settings.

Note: The situation when the iPhone does not see any Network, although the Wi-Fi module is turned on, is usually associated with a hardware failure. In this case, you should contact the service.


Thus, the question of how to set up WiFi on an iPhone can be solved by any owner of the "apple" technology. The main thing is to correctly determine the task, and then you can proceed according to the ready-made instructions.

Users sometimes have a problem when they forget a passphrase from a device. For example, a similar situation appears when entering information from Wifi, when they turn out to be wrong.

It often happens that users urgently need access to the Internet, but their own traffic limit is limited. Today’s mobile technologies let you know the password from someone else’s "waifaya"What is called.

Often, Apple product owners are faced with the problem of not connecting to waifay. Typically, this difficulty arises when working with the new Network, for example, when connecting to the Internet in a cafe, park, subway. When working with home inter.