Customize Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Phone To Fit Your Needs

Customize Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Phone To Fit Your Needs

Having purchased a Xiaomi phone, many users are wondering how to correctly and as detailed as possible configure it taking into account their wishes. Due to the fact that the gadgets of this manufacturer have the original MIUI operating system, its settings are slightly different from those we are used to in pure Android. To help you do everything right, in this article we will tell you in detail how to set up your Xiaomi smartphone. As an example, we will consider the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Pro model. Please note that the following recommendations are also valid for other models of smartphones of this manufacturer due to the installation of the same operating system on them.

Primary settings

You need to start setting up Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 from the moment you turn on the phone for the first time. Without this, the system simply will not start. But do not be scared – this process is very similar to a similar setup for regular Android. For example, you need to select a language, connect to your home Wi-Fi network and perform other similar actions. At the same stage, the connection to the Mi account occurs. If you refuse to create it or accidentally miss this moment, then you can catch up later. Binding is implemented through the settings of the smartphone.

In a word, it is unrealistic to get confused at the stage of initial settings. Everything is clear intuitively, and even the system and prompts constantly. Even if you are a person very far from technology, then, of any doubt, you will cope with this task.

During the initial setup, there are other important points that many users skip, trying to load the desktop as soon as possible and start clicking on the application icons. If this happened in your case as well, and now you want to activate GPS positioning or configure the Internet, then all this can be done in the settings menu.

Internet settings

For whatever purpose you buy a smartphone, in any case, connecting it to the World Wide Web is a mandatory and extremely important step. Without the Internet, you can not chat with friends in instant messengers, nor download the application. If during the initial setup of the phone for some reason you did not enter the data of the Internet connection, then this can be done later as follows:

  1. Lower the notification panel and hold your finger on the Wi-Fi icon for a few seconds.
  2. A new window pops up, where you need to activate the switch at the top, right next to the item "EnableWiFi".
  1. You will immediately see a list of available connection options. You need to select the connection that you want to set as your home network. Even if you forget the exact name of the network, focus on which of the available networks gives the best signal.
  2. Enter the password for the selected network, then press the button "To plug".

Mobile Internet setup is no harder. Data from the operator will automatically fall into the appropriate settings. You only need to activate the mobile data transfer. The same top curtain will help with this. We omit it and look for the corresponding icon. In most firmware it is signed as "The Internet". Option is also possible. "Mobile data."

Many people have difficulty connecting mobile data when there are two SIM cards in the smartphone at the same time, and the Internet needs to be connected strictly with one of them, since the second one is extremely unprofitable for using the worldwide network. To get confidence that everything is set correctly, do the following:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Choose a section “Mobile networks andSIM-cards".
  3. At the very bottom we see the item "The Internet". We need it.
  4. We set a priority card for connecting mobile data, after which we can safely go online, without fear that the wrong SIM will be used.

Connection speed depends on which standard is supported by the smartphone. Most Xiaomi gadgets have support for the LTE standard, so you can count on a speed of more than 10 Mbps.

Camera setup

Cameras with extensive settings have become an integral part of modern smartphones. The main thing is to correctly adjust their parameters so that shooting is as simple and effective as possible. Chinese gadgets allow you to customize in a wide range. Many models already have a dual module, which contributes to beautiful blurring of the background. Any installation you are interested in regarding the operation of the camera is set in the settings. In particular, here the user can select the following options:

  1. Save to CardSD. We strongly recommend that you select this option if a memory card is installed in your smartphone. This will allow you to save all images by default to a removable drive, saving space on the internal.
Customize Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Phone To Fit Your Needs
  1. Image quality. You can choose from low to high, and we advise you to choose high. Shooting in this mode will require a little more energy, and therefore the battery will discharge a little faster, but all this is not within critical limits. But the quality of the pictures is worth it to agree to such a step.
  2. Aspect ratio. It is optimal to choose 4: 3, because these parameters allow you to use the entire useful area of ​​the matrix.
  3. Sharpness, contrast, saturation. Everything is for your taste here. Try adjusting the parameters from medium to high and look at the result. By trial and error you will achieve the optimal result.
  4. Activate the grid. The item is very useful when shooting landscapes. If you know how important it is not to fill the horizon when shooting and strive to follow this recommendation, then this option will become indispensable.
  5. Auto exposure. You should set the average parameters, because this will slightly improve the dynamic range.

You can configure video shooting in slightly fewer parameters. In particular, the following items are available:

  1. Video quality. Choose is 4K or Full HD. You can only step back from maximum performance to HD if you are taking a slow motion.
  2. Focus mode. You need to stop the choice on CAF. This abbreviation means continuous autofocus. If you set any other option, then there is a risk that not the subject of the shooting, but some separate part of the frame will fall into the zone of sharpness.

Do not forget that on all Xiaomi smartphones there is an option for manual focusing. To activate it, just click on the display in the place whose display on the photo you want to make it as sharp as possible.

Developer Mode

Some advanced settings are initially hidden from the user. But they can be unlocked if you get developer rights. This is done as follows:

  1. Walking along the path “Settings” – “About Phone” – “VersionMIUI" (sometimes the same item is called "Firmware Version")
  2. We tap on it 7-10 times, after which a message appears on the screen that you have received developer rights.
  3. We return to the settings window and see the button here "Additionally". Click on it, and then go to the category "For developers". This is where new useful settings items will appear.