Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

What are the differences between the iPhone 6 and the new 6S, what are the advantages of the new flagship

The start of sales of new products from Apple 6S and 6S Plus occurred on October 9, which caused the interest of many fans of the American company. But most potential customers are wary of new products, which is traditional for gadgets produced with the prefix “S” in the title. Therefore, questions arise about the difference between the new gadget, when compared with the previous generation. It is for this purpose that an article has been written that will show the main difference between the Six and 6S.

The screen is the first and main difference

New displays with 3D Touch technology. this is the first and main difference between new products from smartphones of the previous series. Thanks to the introduction of revolutionary technology, displays are now able to recognize the force of pressing, which with the help of new applications greatly facilitates the use of a wide variety of functions.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

The smartphone owner can take advantage of all the features of standard and third-party applications with just one strengthened tap on the screen. But the advantages do not end there, because even in an open application there is an opportunity to facilitate the work by pressing the screen. This includes the ability to preview photos and web pages, quickly save data and send information.

Since entering the market, 3D Touch support has been implemented in thousands of applications, and developers are finding new opportunities for using enhanced screen tapping. Therefore, the owners of new products will be able to get a new experience with the screen, dramatically different from previous versions. In all other respects, the new screen is similar to the displays of the previous generation of gadgets.

Processor. A New Increase in Productivity and Energy Efficiency

American innovations 6S and 6S Plus have an improved "heart" in the form of an A9 chip capable of operating at a frequency of 1.8 GHz. Additionally, the M9 coprocessor is now integrated into the processor, which simplifies the interaction with sensors and allows the gadget owner to use the “Hi Siri” command without having to connect to the charge.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

If we talk about the past model, that it worked using the Apple A8 core along with the M8 coprocessor. Of course, the last chip also has 2 cores, but its frequency is lower and is 1.4 GHz. But the main difference between processors is noticeable when conducting tests for performance and energy efficiency.

According to the procedure, the new A9 chip has become 70 percent more productive than the previous modification of the A8. If you think logically, then such an increase in productivity should require increased energy consumption, but the developers created an absolutely opposite situation. The updated chip requires 35 percent less energy than the less efficient processor of the previous model. So, with greater performance, the gadget retains its level of autonomy. If we talk about the graphics, the A9 processor is 90 percent better than the A8 chip.

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RAM is 2 times larger

The new S-generation iPhone now has 2GB of RAM, while the Six could only boast of working with 1GB of RAM. But what do these numbers mean? So, the novelty will work much faster than its predecessors, which is noticeable not only in numbers during the test, but also when using the device.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

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Switching between running applications, launching them, surfing the Internet and working with video files. all this happens noticeably faster. Of course, this does not mean the slowness of the past "six", because it also shows good results, but the S-version carries out all operations much more actively.

New cameras. new features

Many iPhone owners love to create video and photo materials, which was facilitated by the good sixMP camera of the Six. But the news is already equipped with 12MP iSight cameras, where the developers used the latest technology when setting pixels. The result is high-quality images with a resolution of up to 4032×3024. If we talk about past models, then the photos there could have a maximum of 3264×2448 pixels.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

In addition, the cameras of the 6S and 6S Plus have modern noise reduction, the best tonal compression system, work with FocusPixels technology and allow for panoramic shooting, with a resolution of up to 63MP.

But this is not all innovations, because the 6S smartphone is capable of shooting a 4K video with a high resolution and a frequency of 30 frames per second. The past "six" did not possess such abilities, and the 6S Plus also received optical stabilization operating in the video mode. Yes, past models also had the opportunity to use optical stabilization, but it concerned only photographs.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

The front camera of the gadget also got better and is now 5MP, while the previous model offered to use only 1.2MP. In addition to increasing the resolution, FaceTime now has a feature. a RetinaFlash flash, which illuminates the screen when shooting a selfie. But most of all, during the presentations of the gadget, the Live Photos technology became sensational, which allows you to get "live" photos lasting 1.5 seconds.

Internet is faster and more affordable

The developers took care of the speed of work on the Internet, so the new gadget has the ability to work with 4G LTE Advanced technology at speeds up to 300 megabits per second. As an example, the past sixes can accelerate to 150 megabits per second. The speed and Wi-Fi connections have grown, where now it can reach 866 megabits per second, while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are able to provide data transfer of about 433 megabits per second. If you often have to work in roaming, then the new products are more effective, because they support 23 LTE bands.

Robust housing. the guarantee of long work

Previously, iPhone owners called the bending instability of the “sixes” case the main problem. Apple experts drew attention to this issue, therefore, versions 6S and 6S Plus have a case made of Aluminum 7000 with increased strength. This alloy is 60 percent harder than the previous one, which will guarantee the elimination of the risk of body bending with damage to the internal “iron”.

Difference Iphone 5 From October 6

The dimensions of the new gadget have changed a bit and now it is 0.2 mm thicker, which is due to a more powerful "stuffing". According to the owners of new products, this only benefited the gadget, because it has become more convenient. Attention is also paid to the new color, which was not there before. “pink gold”. This expands the range and makes it possible to choose a unique color.

TouchID quick response and battery life

The owners of the “sixes” know their gadget by heart, as well as the work of Touch ID. Often the sensor does not recognize the owner, although it responds to touch for a few seconds. Now there is no such problem, and authorization is almost instantaneous, which is what Touch ID boasts in the iPhone 6S.

It is interesting that now the battery capacity is less and amounts to 1715 mAh, while the past sixes had 1810 mAh batteries. But the decrease in battery did not appear on battery life. According to this indicator, the gadgets are the same and make it possible to talk for 14 hours, or listen to music for 50 hours, or wait 10 days for the smartphone to work.

As you can see, there are differences between the new gadgets from the previous model, which means that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are worthy of attention and are able to give their owner many new features.

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