Display Replacement iPhone 6s Plus Original

Display Replacement iPhone 6s Plus Original

Display Replacement iPhone 6s Plus Original

Display Replacement iPhone 6s Plus Original

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 6s Plus and features of their repair

Repairing the iPhone 6s Plus includes professional diagnostics, identifying the causes of incorrect phone operation and actions aimed at troubleshooting.

Common iPhone 6s Plus crashes

First places can rightfully be given to the replacement of glass, screen and battery. Typically, these failures occur through inaccuracy or, in the case of a battery, the use of non-original charges. Also quite often there are problems with the camera, speaker, sound, sensor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Well, the most frightening moment can be considered when the iPhone does not turn on.

Problems with the screen.

The indicator is a broken touchscreen and a distorted image. We can replace the screen with an original or a high-quality copy of your choice.

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Replacing the glass of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Using special equipment, we will remove the remains of old glass. After that, adhering to factory technology, we glue a new one.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi does not work.

Internet problems can occur through the Wi-Fi module. We will diagnose and determine the exact failure. In the case of Bluetooth, first you need to properly reflash the phone, because software crashes are possible. If this does not help. The reason is in the antenna or microcircuit. In the first case, we will replace the antenna. To replace the chip, you need a repair on the system board.

The battery does not work properly.

There are two repair options: replacing the battery on the iPhone 6s Plus and fixing problems with the power controller. In the second case, the breakdown can be eliminated by soldering the chip of the power controller on the system board.

Does not catch the network.

If the phone does not find the SIM card, instead of the contacts it displays “Search”, the reason may be in the communication modem. This problem can be eliminated by replacing the microcircuit of the communication modem on the system board using the exact method of soldering.

The sensor is malfunctioning.

The reason may be a failed Touch-controller. Repair includes replacing the Touch-controller chip with a working one.

Problems with speaker and sound.

The most common cause is dust and dirt. You can fix the problem by cleaning. If the iPhone for a long time worked in a dirty state. it is necessary to change the loop itself.

iPhone does not turn on.

The problem may occur through a system error. To turn on the phone, hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds. What should I do if it doesn’t help? In this case, a comprehensive diagnosis is needed, because There are several causes of failure: a burnt processor, a failed battery or power controller, a short circuit on the system board, etc.

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