Display Replacement Xiaomi Mi 6 Video

Xiaomi mi6 there is no display backlight, nothing is visible on the screen. At first, multi-colored stripes appeared, and after that the brightness disappeared. Help solve the problem.

After i dropped Xiaomi Mi 6 in the snow after 30 minutes. The image disappeared, at home I saw that the screen was showing. What could happen to brightness?

Put on charge Hiaomi and watched a movie, and fell asleep. Sutra found the phone under the pillow, when he pressed the unlock, he did not respond. I rebooted it five times, there is music, but no image. What to do?

Smashed Xaomi display, hitting him on the jamb. The brightness has disappeared, but everything can be considered. Can I use such a phone, or what can it burn?

Xiaomi mi6 no backlight display.

Some phone users Xiaomi Mi6 There is a problem with the lack of backlight. It is most often caused by hardware failures, so a simple reboot will not work. The operation to repair the device is not recommended to be performed independently, only a partial diagnosis. Follow standard guidelines to improve instrument performance.

Change the transistor in the power circuit

The backlight key is replaced after a breakdown is detected. The main problem is the need to completely change the software, so take care of backup of all data stored on the device in advance. After flashing, the master sets the parameters of the controller that supplies voltage to the transistor.

Video: Display Replacement Xiaomi Mi 6 Video

Display Replacement Xiaomi Mi 6 Video

Alternative solution

If the device inside is working, you need to look for the reason in a different plane:

Update BY or reset the system to factory settings. Removing recently installed programs from unknown sources will also help;
preloading the display latch that has not been fully locked.

If not only the backlighting, but also the picture disappears, you should immediately carry the device for repair. this signals a malfunction CPU. If the screen quickly goes blank after activation, then you should think about changing the micro driver.

Display Replacement Xiaomi Mi 6 Video

In the event of a fall, improper disassembly / assembly (including self-repair attempts), or moisture getting inside, damage may appear on the loop, which is why incorrect operation of the device is quite possible. There are several solutions for returning backlight:

Screen loopback;
full replacement of the display and together with the sensor if they are broken or there are noticeable chips and distortions (including "beaten"Pixels);
inside cleaning of the appliance.

There should not be any dust and other foreign objects that potentially interfere with the functioning of the smartphone. In the process of changing the software, fully charge the battery so that when setting up after changing the screen or firmware, the phone turn into a "brick". Such situations lead to a complete change of the device to a new one, which the owner of Xiaomi clearly does not expect.

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