Does Not Allow Apple Music How To Remove The Restriction

Does Not Allow Apple Music How To Remove The Restriction

Remember that iTunes has a limit on authorized computers? You can use five machines at the same time, and after authorization you can not only make backups, but also transfer purchases.

Although to whom I tell, desktop iTunes dead and only needed a couple of times a year.

What’s the problem?

It turns out that there is a more unpleasant limitation in the system. only 10 devices tied to one Apple ID are available for downloading music.

The worst part is that this list absolutely all devices, on which you are logged in with your Apple ID, including those five authorized computers.

That is, if 5 cars are already authorized, there remains a place exactly for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and some kind of iPod. It seems to be enough, but the problem is that the list stores and old devices, on which the login was made.

I even have mine the first The iPhone is visible, although I completely reset it before selling it. I’m sure that this restriction is a hundred years in the afternoon, but I, like a true sloup, came across it recently when I wanted to turn on Apple Music on a working Android smartphone.

In just four years of use, the number of devices using the Apple ID has reached a double-digit number. It’s not necessary to wait as I do, you can check the list in your profile and remove excess.

So where to clean?

Desktop iTunes is indispensable, blowing dust.

  1. Open iTunes, at the top click "Account. View".
  2. Enter your Apple ID password.
  3. Below, in the section "iTunes in the cloud"Click the button"Device management".
  4. We check the list, delete unnecessary devices.

Removing will only work on devices associated with the Apple ID more than 30 days ago. To “speed up” the process, Apple offers us to manually exit on all unnecessary devices and wait the same 30 days.

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