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Most manufacturers of modern phones are gradually abandoning SIM cards of the old Mini-SIM format. They are replaced by compact Micro- and Nano-SIM. This approach allows us to reduce the size of mobile devices and make them more convenient to use. In this aspect, Samsung did not invent anything new and equipped its Galaxy A5 smartphone with a SIM card slot like Nano. And if you decide to purchase this device to replace an outdated mobile phone, be prepared for the fact that you have to cut the card on hand. Let’s figure out how to properly insert a SIM card in the Samsung Galaxy A5.

Specific Features of the SIM Slot in Galaxy A5

To date, there are several modifications of the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphones. Between themselves, they differ not only in technical characteristics, but also in the location of the SIM card slot and its capabilities:

  • Galaxy A5 phones, released before the beginning of 2016, have two connectors. The first is for installing Nano-SIM. The card placed in it will be determined by the system as the main one. The second tray is hybrid, that is, you can insert either a second SIM card in it, or expand the memory using Micro SD. Both card readers are located on the right side of the mobile phone.
    Engineering Menu Samsung A50
  • In 2016 gadgets, there is one hybrid connector located on the right side of the device under the Power key. As in the first case, you can install two Nano-Sim or SIMMicro SD in it.
  • New modifications, which saw the light in 2017, are equipped with two slots. The first (main), located on the left side of Samsung, accepts Nano cards. The second tray is located on the upper end and is complex. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to simultaneously place two SIM cards and a Micro SD memory on the phone.

In all versions of the Galaxy A5, the connectors open using a metal ejector that comes with the device. However, in its absence, you can use the usual staple, having previously unbent one of its ends, or with a needle.

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SIM card trim for Samsung Galaxy A5

If you have a Mini or Micro SIM card on hand, you will need to crop it to Nano format before installing it. Here you need to choose one of three options:

  1. Use the services of a wizard. You can remake a sim card at almost any distribution point for mobile devices. For these purposes, sellers use a special device. SIM-cutter.
  2. Order a new card at your operator’s customer service point. To do this, you will need a passport and an old SIM card, which will need to be handed over.
  3. Trim yourself. This procedure, although it is not difficult, however, requires extreme attention and concentration, since even the slightest deviation of the torch can lead to damage to the chip and damage to the product.

If the third option was chosen, to fulfill your plan you will need such tools and materials:

  • b / w or color printer;
  • sharp knife or scissors;
  • sandpaper;
  • A4 blank sheet
  • cutting template;
  • adhesive tape or PVA glue.

The sequence of work will be as follows:

  1. Find a SIM-card clipping template on the network and print it on paper. You can download this document from the site
  2. Glue your sim card to the template. If the old card is in Mini format, use the MiniSIM to NanoSIM scheme. For Micro size, the MicroSIM to NanoSIM template is suitable. To correctly fix the SIM card, focus on the cut corner.
  3. Following the printout, remove the excess plastic from the SIM card with a knife or scissors. To avoid damage to the microcircuit, be extremely careful not to make sudden movements.
  4. Work the edges of the card with fine-grained sandpaper.

SIM-card can be inserted into the phone.

Install SIM cards in Galaxy A5

Installing Nano-SIM is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Turn off your smartphone. If this is not done, there is a possibility that the power controller or power amplifier will burn out.
  2. Take the metal ejector, insert it into the hole located on the cover of the slot, and slightly press.
  3. When the tray slides slightly forward, open it by pulling the protruding end.
  4. Place the SIM card in the card holder. If necessary, insert a second SIM card or MicroSD memory.
  5. Return the slot to its original state by pushing it with a finger.

After the connector is in place, turn on the phone and check whether the SIM-card is detected. If everything is done correctly, the signal strength of the network will be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. If the message “Insert SIM” appears on the display, try removing the card and reinstalling it.