Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone

Over the past couple of years, I have not tired of catching myself thinking that I live in the future. The very one that the child dreamed of in the 80s of the twentieth century and which then seemed rather distant. Arrived. Now we live here and fully enjoy the fruits of scientific and technological progress. We have constant access to an infinitely huge library of information, including any music, books and films. And in my childhood, in order to read a rare book, I had to go to the library. And, if they didn’t give her home, it was a shame, because at night the library was always closed. Movies on television could only be watched once a day, after the release of evening news. And (it sounds absolutely fantastic today) it could not be selected and changed. A month of active use of the Samsung Galaxy S9 led me to the idea that we all forget to rejoice in new technologies sometimes, and, on the one hand, take them for granted, and on the other hand, we don’t notice the obvious benefits and new useful usage scenarios. For example, how many women forget or don’t know that the front camera of the phone is able to replace the mirror? Galaxy S9 is a superstar with its own lunapark, able to help out or simply entertain its owner in an infinite number of cases. I now want to remind you of the most fantastic opportunities for the owners of this smartphone. You probably already know about something, but something may come as a surprise.

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1. Ultra-fast movie shooting: slow down time

Everyone loves slow motion video. There is something attractive and alluring, some kind of techno-magic of time dilation. Feel like a Time Lord and a guest from a fantastic future. Samsung Galaxy S9 can record video fragments at a speed of 960 frames per second. To do this, select the Super Slow Motion mode, click on the record button and at the right moment press the button that saves the contents of the memory buffer at that moment. As a result, from 0.5 seconds it turns out 6 seconds of very slow motion video. I remember when I first encountered such a smartphone feature, I couldn’t catch the right moment. Samsung developers have solved the problem. you can switch the manual recording mode of high-speed video to automatic, and then high-speed recording will begin as soon as an object appears in the square in the center of the frame. So now you can take pictures of running children and seals, as well as extreme sportsmen driving on skateboards.

2. Shooting in the dark

Every year, the possibilities of night shooting smartphones are growing so that they take your breath away. If the first cameras in phones couldn’t take clear pictures at dusk and indoors at all, today’s cameras of flagship smartphones demonstrate the wonders of shooting at night. Sometimes it seems to me that the Galaxy S9 is capable of seeing in the dark. Because in addition to clear shots in the evening, it also allows you to shoot where there is no light at all. By the way, these capabilities are needed not only for artistic snapshots of sunsets, but I also, for example, photograph photographs of counters every month, which are not only hidden in hard-to-reach places, but also in completely unlit corners. That’s true. in these pictures everything looks as if there is enough light. In fact, it simply isn’t there, and the camera automatically increases the brightness (remember the effect of the human eye from advertising with an aperture of 1.5 / f? This is it), while in a completely surprising way, preserving the clarity and readability of the numbers. Real technology in action!