Find A Man In Ok By Phone Number

The social network Odnoklassniki is one of the largest. Having created our profile on it, we forget about it for a while, and when we remember, we find that we do not remember the address of our page. What to do in this situation? Below we will analyze how to find your page in the popular Odnoklassniki by last name and phone number, and what is required for this.

Why you need to look for a person by name and number in Odnoklassniki

The need to find a profile on a social network may be needed in the following cases.

In both of these cases, the methods described by us below will help you. Let’s figure out how to find your account on

Yandex People service for quick search of my page

The most effective way to find a profile by last name is to use the Yandex.People service. Functionality of the latter allows you to search for the right person not only in Odnoklassniki, but also on Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks.

  1. Log in to;
  2. Mark the search below in the Odnoklassniki social network;

Find A Man In Ok By Phone Number

Select a search on Odnoklassniki

  • In the field above, type in the name and surname by which the search will be carried out;
  • Click on the right to "Find";
  • Below you will see a list of matches found, including first and last name, profile address, date of birth, number of friends and profile picture;
  • Browse matches found

  • Browse the list of matches, click on the desired profile, and you will be redirected to its page in OK.
  • Restoring access via phone or mail

    Another way to search for a profile on a popular network by last name and mobile phone is to restore access using standard recovery procedure.

    To do this, do the following:

    1. Go to the web resource;
    2. In the form for entering credentials, click on "Forgot Password";

    Select “Forgot Password”

    Next, you have to choose what you remember about your profile. the number of the phone attached to it or e-mail. Choose your option;

    Choose access recovery option

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    When you click on the phone, you will need to indicate the phone number, country, and click on the "Get Code" button.

    Enter phone number OK

    After that, it remains to select the confirmation form. through a call or SMS message and restore access. This will help find my page on the social network Odnoklassniki by cell phone number and last name.

    When you click on the mail you will be prompted to enter the address of the mail specified in your profile. Enter it, and click on "Get Code."

    Enter your e-mail and click on "Get Code"

    A letter will be sent to your e-mail, which will contain 6 digits. These numbers will need to be entered in a special field on the site, and you will regain access to your page.

    Using a special form in OK

    Odnoklassniki social network has a special form for password recovery, for which you will need indicate your name, surname, age and city.

    1. Log in to;
    2. In the form that opens, enter in the line your last name and first name, age and city, and click on "Search";

    Enter your details and click on “Search”

    In the list found, find the desired profile and click on the button "This is me";

    Click on "It’s Me"

  • An email with a confirmation code will be sent to the email address registered for this account. You need to open it, and enter the code in a special field on the site;
  • Your page will be found, and access to the profile will be restored.
  • Contact Odnoklassniki Support

    If none of these methods turned out to be effective for you, we recommend that you contact OK support.

    To do this, do the following:

    1. Run;
    2. In the input form, click on the inscription "Support";

    In the login form, select "Support"

    Select the topic of the appeal, enter an e-mail for feedback and the text of your appeal;

    Write an appeal to the support OK

  • Click on "Send message" and expect a response from a competent specialist.
  • Conclusion

    Above, we looked at how to find my page on the Odnoklassniki network by name, surname and phone number, and what methods will help with this. Good efficiency was shown by the method using the Yandex.People service, which helps to quickly find the right person on social networks. We also recommend contacting support OK, while preparing for a lengthy correspondence, which may take several days.