Find a Samsung S8 Phone

Nowadays, a mobile phone is an indispensable thing. It is hard to imagine the ordinary day of any person who passes without using this miracle of technology. Lovers of quick profit are well aware of this. Therefore, more and more people are in an unpleasant situation when they have to think about how to find the phone, lost for unknown reasons. In the section of tips from the world of mobile communications, I previously raised the topic of registering a phone, but now I propose to consider a different problem situation. The mobile device is with us always and everywhere. Not surprising, because everyone wants to always be in touch. But constantly carrying the phone with you also increases the chance of losing it. This is not always the result of a phone owner’s inattention. Often it can be simply stolen.

Find a Samsung S8 Phone

So how do you act in a similar situation? How to find a lost phone?

When you are in the alleged place of loss. call your mobile device. So you can find the phone by sound. Of course, there is a risk that someone else can find it in this way, but here you have to take risks. In addition, a situation is not ruled out when the person who finds your phone turns out to be conscientious and tries to find the owner. But this, of course, is a very unlikely scenario. Most often, you yourself have to think about how to find a phone. If there are more than three alleged places to lose, but there is no one to help you, then I do not advise using the option with a dialer. Better to gradually explore each territory.

The worst option is not just the loss of a phone, but the loss of a discharged phone. Or the case when the switched off phone was lost. In this case, there are even fewer options for finding a lost phone. From such situations, you can try to insure yourself a bit by purchasing a special keychain that responds to pops or whistles. You can also use the so-called "lossless". The essence of this device is to notify the owner when the transmitter is removed from the receiver at a specified distance. The transmitter and receiver in this situation are you and your phone. There is also a reverse action of the device. an alert when approaching the phone. This is useful during the search.

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To find the phone, you need to try to focus as much as possible on each investigated area. Look for him even in those places where, like, well, you couldn’t lose him. As practice shows, a mobile phone can be anywhere: in the refrigerator, in the microwave, and even in the bin (there have been cases, yes :)). Remember how law enforcement officials searched. You can also conditionally divide the search territory into separate sections and conduct a phased search. Only in this way can you successfully resolve the question that has arisen on how to find a mobile phone.

Since we are talking about law enforcement agencies, it should be mentioned that they can also help you. If any methods didn’t allow you to find the device dear to your soul and body, or you are just sure that it was stolen, contact law enforcement for help. Unfortunately, not everyone has the option of using special tools to find a phone by imei. But if you have such an opportunity. be sure to use it. In this case, the chance of a successful search will increase significantly. Unfortunately, more often you have to find the answer to the question of how to find the phone yourself. The best way is to prevent it from being lost! Be careful and never leave the phone in an open area.

But this is the topic of a separate material. Now I propose to summarize all of the above. So still how to find the loss? We follow in order:

  1. We call the lost phone 1-2 times to make sure that you have not forgotten it at home or with friends.
  2. We recall the last time they held the phone in their hands.
  3. We determine the likely places to lose the phone.
  4. If you have assistants, we each go to one of the likely places of loss. When everything is in place. we call the phone to try to find it by sound.
  5. If you have to act on your own, then you should not call. Gradually carefully examine each of the alleged places of loss.
  6. Is it all in vain? Then we try to find the phone by imei (if possible, of course).
  7. If there are familiar resellers of phones, we go out to them and ask to be notified if they have a similar phone.

If all of the above options do not give a result, then, perhaps, you will have to accept the loss. No more wrestling with the question “how to find a phone?". Apparently, this is his fate. In the future, try to find out how not to lose the phone and do not step on the same rake twice. Successful searches (and better not lose anything.).