Find Nokia 6700 Classic

Keeping up with the times

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

The phone has a stylish, neat design and a high-quality metal case. This is felt from the first moment when the device is in the hand. There is a feeling that this is a model of the Arte line. True mastery! The black finish looks elegant and attractive, but the phone is also offered in gray-black and brown-black. Like the 6300, the Nokia 6700 Classic is really compact. It is 1 mm thinner than its predecessor, but gained 116 g in weight compared with 91 g. The phone is clearly felt in the pocket, but since it is very thin, it will not stick out.

The device is equipped with a 2.2-inch TFT-display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and support for 16 million colors. In conditions of artificial lighting, images retain their vivid colors and proper contrast, although the overall quality can not be compared with the AMOLED screen. Reflections appear in direct sunlight, but they are unobtrusive, so the display remains easy to read.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

User interface

The phone has the 6th version of the S40 interface, slightly improved compared to the previous one. The API now allows applications to use the built-in GPS. Small visual changes were made, the appearance of the active standby mode on the home screen changed, a new Internet browser based on WebKit appeared, updated Flash Lite 3, MMS 1.3 with support for messages up to 600 KB in size. Overall stability has improved significantly.

The home screen can look really simple or show a ton of information and provide access to various applications. Like Nokia N97 and its widgets, here you can place up to 4 tabs, all of which display different information. By default, at the top of the screen is a panel of shortcuts that the user can delete or add (up to 30). Below is the control area for the audio player and radio. The next window displays a calendar with the current date and the following two events. The latter provides access to Google search. All tabs can be customized to your liking. Users really liked the new home screen because it looks better than the previous one and makes personalization easier.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

In addition to visual improvements, in telephone contacts there is a new and really interesting feature called “Find on the map”. It shows the contact address on the map and gives instructions on how to get there. All this has been made possible thanks to the J2ME API, which allows various programs to use the built-in GPS.

New features in the messaging application with the phone relate to MMS, the maximum size of which is increased to 600 KB. There is nothing new in working with SMS and email. A tab in the lower left corner of the screen allows you to turn a regular text message into a multimedia message. Setting up an email client for popular providers is quick and easy. Just enter your name and password, and the phone will automatically find all the necessary settings. The email client is not bad, but it’s not Nokia Messaging. However, it works if you don’t need to open HTML.

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Connectivity options

The Nokia 6700 supports modern standards and provides fast 3G connectivity with HSDPA (10.2 Mbps) and HSUPA (2 Mbps). This is impressive, at least in theory, but in reality there are many factors affecting the network bandwidth, including its coverage, signal strength, etc. If the phone had built-in Wi-Fi, there would be less complaints about the communication speed.


The evolution of the S40 browser was a smart move by the manufacturer. This WebKit-based application now fully supports HTML. Pages load faster when 3G is available, but more importantly, they render properly. The text is automatically reformatted to fit on the screen, which is also good news. Unlike the latest Symbian S60 devices, the small map that appears after extended scrolling does not give a clear idea of ​​what exactly is depicted. Updating Flash Lite to version 3 does not mean that it provides full Flash support. The user will be able to see elements that the previous version did not display.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

In general, owners are satisfied with the new browser. Even if it’s not as good as iPhone Safari, it’s certainly enough to watch YouTube videos, news or open most websites. Well, that, like other S40 models, the 6700 Classic comes preloaded with Opera Mini. The application runs faster than the built-in browser, but does not display web pages as well. Nevertheless, it represents a viable alternative and is by no means excessive.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

The phone comes with pre-installed Ovi cards. Unlike Symbian S60 smartphones, information about traffic or display modes is not provided. The model comes with voice navigation, free for 3 months, but it depends on the place of purchase.


The Nokia 6700 is equipped with a 5-megapixel autofocus image sensor and LED flash, which works quite quickly. It takes about a second for the interface to turn on the camera and focus in sufficient light conditions, and 2 seconds in the dark, and taking a picture takes about 3 seconds. This means that you can take photos every 4 seconds, which is a great achievement for such a phone.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

Video recording is not impressive. Despite the excellent quality with a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the shooting speed is only 15 fps, which ultimately leads to delays.


The phone themes allow you to update the player and FM radio. Users like it because it gives some variety to a discreet interface. The media player provides filtering of content according to several different criteria, can move tracks, supports playlists, shows a list of videos and comes with several equalizer presets, plus you can create two more to your taste. The application is easy to use, it is not unusual.

Media player

Performance and Conclusion

The design of Nokia 6700 is similar to the performance of the 6300th model, but it is more optimized and neat. The phone seems a little cumbersome, but you can put up with it, because the build level is very high. The device works great as a means of cellular communication. the call quality is really good, the voice sounds loud, clear and realistic at both ends of the line.

Find Nokia 6700 Classic

In addition to its attractive appearance, the model features a new and improved browser based on WebKit, which left a good impression. Pages are displayed without any problems, and 3G support ensures that this happens quickly.

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