Format Phone Lg Q6

Most often, owners of brand-new smartphones using the Android OS, immediately after acquiring the phone, begin to download many of the most diverse and not always needed games and applications into its internal memory. At the same time, few people think that such actions clog the system, as a result of which it starts to malfunction.

After a certain time, having fully enjoyed the “charms” of working with a device that is always braking and inadequately responsive to commands, the user decides to restore the normal functioning of his mobile phone. For this, the owners turn to specialists of service centers, although this is not particularly necessary. In order to achieve the desired, it is enough to know how to format an android phone yourself.

Formatting Methods

Currently, an Android mobile device can be formatted in the following ways:

  • cleaning the OS directly;
  • bypassing the OS;
  • formatting a memory card.

The first method involves the use of settings, as well as the choice of a subsequent general reset, as one of the possible options is to return to the manufacturer’s settings. This procedure can be performed if the mobile device starts without problems and access is provided in the menu called “Settings”.

The second method is somewhat more complicated, it involves returning the device’s operating system to the manufacturer’s settings in full. This method is possible even with an idle operating system. This happens when the phone does not turn on, hangs or does not work properly. Let’s consider both methods in more detail.

Precautionary measures

Before you begin the process of formatting an android device, you need to create a backup. This procedure will correct the situation in which the rollback will be performed with errors. In addition, in the process everything will be deleted, including the necessary files and the necessary data. A backup will save useful information.

The process of saving existing data is quite simple. To execute it, you must copy all available information to the limits of a memory card or some other external medium. Before proceeding with the operation, the memory device with the copied data stored in it should be removed, since the progress may affect it.

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You also need to back up the OS. This procedure will not cause difficulties, it is possible for all versions of the OS.

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In addition, you must make sure that the battery of the device is fully charged.

Formatting with OS

Getting down. All necessary data has been saved, the device is ready for operation. At the beginning, you need to go to “Settings”, after opening the list, you should select the item called “Confidentiality”. The result of these actions will be the emergence of a submenu, within which you should find the "Reset Settings" button and press it. After you are asked to agree, you must understand that all available data, folders, files and applications will be deleted. Only those folders that belong to the operating system will remain untouched.

Format Phone Lg Q6

If you forgot to copy the necessary files, after clicking the reset, an additional window will appear, within which a warning message appears stating that all information will be deleted. In this case, the user can cancel the execution, save the data, and then return to the procedure.

Formatting bypassing the OS

How to format an android phone in those cases when it behaves inappropriately or does not turn on at all? It is clear that in this situation, formatting in the traditional way is impossible. However, you should not be upset, as the necessary formatting can be performed bypassing the operating system.

When formatting in this way, it is also necessary to create a backup copy, which will, if necessary, ensure a return to its original state.

In order to enter the subsystem space, you must simultaneously press the device’s power button and the volume control in the “up” position. As a result of this action, a robot will appear on the device’s screen, which will open access to the insides and menus. Here you need to select “Wipe data / factory reset”. In this mode, touch control is not possible, so the necessary movements should be made using the volume key. The choice of the necessary item must be carried out with the button “lock / shutdown” or “Home”. As a result of these actions, formatting will be performed.

In both the first and second cases, the device will perform formatting, after which it will hang a little. In this case, you should not press the buttons, as such actions will lead to the failure of the initial settings. The user should wait a bit, after a while the device will reboot and the OS with factory settings will appear.

It is necessary to remind once again that before starting the process, you should create backup copies of existing data, and also ensure the creation of a return point.

Delete all data from the SD card

You can also delete all data from the smartphone’s SD card. To do this, go to the settings menu, then to the menu of the memory card. Here you need to click the “Clear SD card” button.

Thus, you will delete data not only from the phone, but also from the memory card.