Galaxy Fold display scratches from everything

Galaxy Fold display scratches from everything

The main problem is folding smartphones.

In early September, a folding Galaxy Fold smartphone reached the shelves of South Korea. A couple of days ago, the smartphone became available in some European countries, and very soon the new product will reach the United States and other regions.

Galaxy Fold display scratches from everything

Samsung still managed to recover from a series of failures with the Galaxy Fold in April of this year. The company’s engineers were able to improve the design of the device, which allowed to bring a foldable smartphone to the international market. But can the current Galaxy Fold be called a truly reliable device?

The author of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is ready to give an answer to this question. The blogger has conducted a series of tests and is ready to make his verdict. But first things first.

Display Scratch Resistance Test

The front display of the Galaxy Fold is covered with tempered glass, which allows it to successfully resist scratches.

But with the main screen, things are not so rosy. Since Samsung uses a special polymer coating, not glass, you can even scratch the display with your fingernail (!). And this is not to mention the sharper objects.

Hinge check

Galaxy Fold display scratches from everything

The next test is a hinge strength test. The blogger placed the beach sand on the main screen and closed the smartphone. As expected, small particles clogged into the gap under the display and the hinge mechanism began to work with a “creak” due to sand that had settled inside.

High temperature resistance test

Next in line is the test of fire. The blogger used a lighter and brought it to the main screen of the Galaxy Fold for a few seconds. The place of heating became lighter, but then the matrix automatically recovered from the damage.

Bending test

But the Galaxy Fold body flex test passed without any problems. Engineers managed to strengthen the hinge, which did not allow bending the smartphone in the opposite direction. The only thing – the device case cracked in the place where the antenna is located.

In general, the foldable smartphone coped with the tests pretty well, with big reservations and adjusted for the fact that this is the first folding smartphone in the international market. But looking the truth, it’s worth recognizing that the Galaxy Fold is still too early to compete with conventional smartphones in terms of strength and reliability.

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