Galaxy S4 Can't See Sim Card

Galaxy S4 Cant See Sim Card

What to do if the phone does not see the SIM card? To resolve this issue, check the potential causes listed below.

Just before you go to them and find out what to do, the first thing you need to do is determine one of two directions of the search: the reason is in the device, (firmware) or in the SIM card itself.

This question is solved simply. Insert the SIM card into another phone. does it work? So the reason is in the smartphone / tablet or Android OS itself.

There are also varieties of problems. For example, the phone determines the SIM card, but does not see the contacts, or rather the number, or sees one, but does not see the second.

ATTENTION: remember what preceded this. If this happened after the update, then the point is in the firmware.

NOTE: this problem is almost independent of the phone manufacturer. This can happen equally with Samsung or Lenovo, just like from an operator: tele2 or another.

There is an application that will check the SIM card, in particular, if it didn’t crash, the SIM will not work without it. Give it a try! HERE IT IS.

The first reason why the phone doesn’t see the SIM card. flight mode is on

Each android phone has a built-in function flight mode (offline mode). If you use it, then mobile communications, wi-fi and bluetooth are disabled.

It can be activated randomly without noticing anything. Turn off airplane mode and install the sim card again to get a connection between it and the phone.

The second reason why the smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card is the wrong settings

Rarely, but it still happens that after acquiring a new Android phone, he does not see a SIM card.

This happened to me only once, although I already bought dozens (of course, not everything for myself. many friends ask me to help in choosing.

Then the SIM card slot turned off. Go to settings (SIM card manager) and activate the SIM card.

If the smartphone does not see the second one, then put it on alert in the same way (note that the second one works simultaneously with the first one, only in expensive devices, usually in cheap ones one by one, depending on which one is involved).

There is still such a solution. The SIM card in the settings can be “turned on”, but the phone still does not see it.

Then we go into the messages, we write no matter what we send to anyone, the main thing is to send it with a "idle" SIM card.

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The system itself will ask you to "turn on" the SIM card. We confirm the inclusion and rejoice. SMS does not go, do not worry.

The third reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see a SIM card is damage

Sim card may get damaged over time. Personally, I have already had this two times. I had to change to a new one. the phone number is saved.

Just go to the service center and you will be given a new one to which your number is attached.

It’s fast, but you have to pay for a new one, as if you bought a new package.

Just before rushing to the service, insert the SIM card into any other work phone to make sure that it really is a SIM card.

The fourth reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see a SIM card. IMEI glitch

Each phone has an individual IMEI code. it is impossible to make calls without it.

Check, suddenly something happened. To do this, dial the combination: # 06 #. To display it. If this is not possible, then a repair point is indispensable.

The fifth reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see a SIM card. firmware

The phone may have buggy firmware, especially after the update. the device will work, but not all functions.

Then you need to return the device to the recovery point in order to fix the software or download the appropriate firmware from the manufacturer’s website and update your phone.

Reason six. the phone does not see the SIM card after updating

This problem is not uncommon and in most cases can be easily fixed. There are several solutions.

First: reflash through a computer or laptop (in case of insufficient knowledge, it is better not to undertake such work yourself).

Install a patch for communication through TWRP Recovery. the patch is released by the manufacturer if a glitch is noticed.

Perform a factory reset. this solution is best applied first, as it is the easiest and in most cases removes the issue.

Other reasons why the phone does not see the SIM card

The matter may still be in the contacts of the slot, for example, from the ingress of water. Water can get in even in the rain when your smartphone is in your pocket (tested by experience).

Mobile service providers sometimes launch promotions. they make phones cheaper, but they attach a SIM card (their network) to them.

Then the phone will not see the SIM cards of other operators (experts remove this lock).

You can not lose sight of the contacts on the SIM card itself and in the slot. These elements may rust. wipe them with an ordinary eraser.

Also, the contacts may not contact due to poor adhesion to each other. Usually it’s enough just to remove the card and insert it back. If it does not help, then an adjustment will be needed.

In this case, the slot may be in an inaccessible place, and not under the battery, then you will have to disassemble the device, although at first just dry it, especially if there is an appearance of condensation.

Of course, all reasons cannot be foreseen, just as it is not always possible to do without the intervention of a specialist.

The notes cited are only typical reasons, in fact there are many more. Therefore, if you have not solved your problem, then describe it in the comments. we will solve it together. Good luck!


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